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Thursday afternoon, wondering what the pups are up to

Huh. It's my half-birthday. Only eighteen months to go before I'm thirty and a complete failure (she said with a wink)! And congratulations to molliewollie and Hamburger Touchdown, whose day of birth literally is today!

Hey! I already have a Facebook! I had no idea! I really am senile!

And thus, I have used up my entire year's quota of exclamation points.

Also, tonight's Sister Girl's graduation buffet. This sounds kind of tedious until you remember that Sister Girl is graduating from cooking school. Basically, all the students have their friends and family come and stand around and eat their handiwork. Also, probably the only place you will find "minty rumballs." "I mean, the downside is that they'll have a lot of things I don't want to eat," she said--she's a pastry chef, keep in mind, and neither of us are all that het up about duck or veal, for example. "On the other, there's a whole room full of desserts." "On the other-other hand," I said, "minty rumbaaaaaaaaalls."

To that end, you get your linkspam early today.

Blog Like It's the End Of the World. I just can't get into it, sadly, even though there are zombies. I think my head's too deep in Black Ribbon at this point, and I probably need to stay there.

From newsong: Public donates to UW scientist to fund backward-in-time research.

From qwertytigger: "The Kitchen Madonna is a very nice lady who makes and sells these adorable retro syle aprons so that she can stay home with her handcapped son. They're just too cute! And Console Classix is a legal way to play the old video games that you played when you were a kid. If you miss your old Atari 2600, Nintendo Etertainment System, SEGA Genesis, or Gameboy games, go there and wallow in nostalgia..."

Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

Judge orders man not to have girlfriend. But... hookers? One night stands? Can he have those? "Justice Rhys Morgan said Cranley 'cannot form a romantic relationship of an intimate nature with a female person.' " Oh. "Cranley, who has been diagnosed with a dependent personality disorder, attacked his girlfriend in an argument after their breakup. He tried to prevent her from phoning the police by cutting her phone cord and punched and kicked her. He finally stabbed himself with a butcher knife when police did arrive, puncturing his aorta." Oh.

Police chief shot dead in his car.

Iran moves to execute porn stars.

'Cute Knut' raking in cash at Berlin Zoo.

Loved the video? Then read the book. Initially I thought this was going to be about some new hardcover novelization of SexyBack, but it turns out to be the reverse: "Wiggins is one of 40 writers featured on a video site launched Thursday by Simon & Schuster that includes clips of Wiggins, Zane, Jeannette Walls and Sandra Brown. The publisher expects to add videos for books by former President Carter, Vince Flynn and Jodi Picoult, among others." And this isn't even including all those commercials I see on--TNT?--for Dean Koontz books.

Mountain Dew gets back to its hillbilly roots.

Radiohead Tunes Used In Ballet.

Today's Funnies: An alternate 'Sopranos' ending.

'Lost' producers: We won't end like 'Sopranos.'

Producer Carlton Cuse: LOST’s Nikki & Paulo & Bad Twin Were ‘Missteps.’

J.K. Rowling on U.S. book tour.


They got me. I iz cheezburglr.

It's a mystery Cute Animal!

Projectionist pans movie at AICN, loses job.

Baby Pirates: Johnny Depp Smiles And Nods Way Through Inscrutable Japanese Talk Show Ritual.

Pirates Tops $500M Overseas in Record Time.

Kevin Spacey done with "personal acting career"?

Bruce Willis: ''If I hadn't done 'Die Hard,' I'd rip it off.''

Perlman/Hershey will Vacuum the Cat.

Will Constantine 2 Ever Happen? More to the point, does it need to?

Evan Almighty Helmer Built Real Ark. Looks at Movies in Development Hell. Number one with a bullet: Wonder Woman.

David Goyer to Help Hollywood Suck Its Own Ass. "David Goyer has signed on to write and direct a new version of The Invisible Man. ... Well I'm here to tell you that it's going to suck. It's a stupid idea to make another one. This version won't be any better than any of the others, there's no Santa Claus and you're just going to rot after you die. Now leave me alone, Daddy has a hangover."

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