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Saturday evening, hungry

Will I ever post an entry where all the links work? Ever?

O hay! Someone made a Facebook group for Movies in Fifteen Minutes a while back, and it's still there! Also--and I wasn't clear about this--feel free to add me or friend me or whatever the kids call it over there. It's my Official Writerly Facebook, so that's definitely what it's there for. (I guess since I publish under "Cleolinda Jones" it counts as a real name? My bank is willing to cash me checks made out to that name, is that good enough?)

(Oh, and sorry, by the way--I hit "Confirm" a couple of times when I meant to hit "Skip this step." I didn't mean to sweat anyone for details of our not actually meeting--I was trying to friend everyone back regardless.)

Also, I was a complete doof and started a Black Ribbon group. If nothing else, I guess, it's a list of people who want to be kept updated on the publication status of the novelly things. I think this is the kind of thing that gets a (young, new, inexperienced, whatever) writer accusations of Thinking She's Such Hot Shit, but the way I look at it is, you have to go ahead and act like what you want to be. If you want to be a professional writer, you have to act like one. Obviously, there's two ways of interpreting that, and one of them is "Acting like a complete douche and gassing on about Your Novel and never actually writing anything because you're too busy pretending to be important." The other way is "Taking your work seriously--not too seriously, but seriously enough that you ask for constructive criticism, and then you actually listen to it, and you try to look for ways to engage readers and work hard now rather than try to learn to later." And when I first mentioned working on the Serious Business June Revisions, I was both thrilled and boggled that a few people actually commented to say they were excited to hear that I was working on Black Ribbon again. So, you know. This is for folks who have been patient enough to follow me all around the internet waiting for me to finish the damn thing. If anyone wants to start a similar group on MySpace (is there a 15M group over there?), go for it; I can barely navigate the thing.

As for LJ, you can actually track any entries on my journal tagged with "Black Ribbon" (or whichever tag you want, really)--LJ will send you an email notification when I post one. Hit the thumbtack icon by my userpic (example: previous entry), and it'll take you to that function.

Also, I don't quite know how or when I set this up, but apparently when I first got a Facebook, I set my Notes section to syndicate this journal's feed. So you can actually keep up with this LJ through your Facebook. The only caveat: LJ cuts don't work on Facebook. If I've cut anything for length, content, or spoiler discussion, you're not going to be safe. If you comment on an entry through Facebook, by the way, the comment will be on Facebook, not this journal.

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