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Friday evening, a little disjointed

Ohhhhh, I had such a nice sleeps last night, and then I had a nice nap this afternoon. And then our hostess-discount jewelry from Lia Sophia came in and I felt pretty.

A story you need to hear about, but the media--for some bizarre reason--won't cover: Indiana man beaten to death over several hours... and his killers are claiming the "sudden heat" of "gay panic." Even though he might not have been gay. Even though they took their sweet time torturing and beating him. Even though they took camera-phone pictures mid-beating and texted them to a friend. And this was two months ago.

Either Aaron Hall was brutally beaten to death because he was gay, or else his murderers are attempting to exhort a sick sympathy from homophobic jury members by portraying beating a man to death as a natural response to homosexuality.

The Indianapolis Star won't print this story. The Herald-Times won't print this story. The Associated Press won't print this story.

What did Aaron Hall die for? And what will his murderers learn from their trial?

Will they learn that Indiana is a state where you can get away with murder, as long as you murder the right person in the right extenuating circumstances?

Tell everyone you know about Aaron Hall. Tell everyone. Tell them that he was beaten over 75 times and left to die in a field like Matthew Shephard and the press has done nothing. Email your local paper and ask them why they aren't reporting the Aaron Hall story. Talk to everyone you know.

There's nothing good to follow that up with, is there?

Girl's feet severed on ride at Six Flags; Teen who lost feet on Six Flags ride has surgery. JESUS. Story highlights: "Drop-tower thrill rides shut down at parks across the country, the AP reports"; "Girl's feet were severed on ride at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville." I think I keep focusing on tangential issues--how Six Flags must be reacting, for example. Just imagine the phone call that had to be made to corporate headquarters--to this to keep from replaying what must have actually happened in my head. "Her parents are going to own that park," my mother observed--not in the "pwn" sense, but literally, in the Lo, We Will Sue You Unto the Dark Ages sense. "Not that it's going to do them any good," I said. "No one will go to that park ever, ever again."

Ohio sheriff: Found baby is not missing woman's. My mother and I are true-crime buffs, but for some reason, she's particularly interested in following this one. I don't know, I guess I'm over here being too horrified by that girl and her FEET, JESUS.

pinstripe_bindi: "First FDA-approved OTC diet pill tends to make people shit their pants, basically. The best way to avoid this is by eating a low-fat diet. And exercising is good. So why the hell should we spend $60 a month on the pills??" From what I saw on the Today show last week (yes, this is what I watch when I'm up in the morning taking out the pups), the whole thing is that Alli prevents you from absorbing fat, which is great. The bad news is... the fat has to go somewhere, and it gets there via the Excretion Express. It's the same problem people were having with Olestra--the fat substitute they were putting in chips; are they still using it?--back there for a while.

Brazil Yogurt Ads Cause Controversy, or, "Must we offend large women to sell them yogurt?" Okay, actually? The American Beauty model is really attractive.

Crayola's new emo shades. Includes "Openly Gray," "Dorian Gray," and "My Soul."

"Have you ever seen surfing mice?"

Invisible UFO.

I drink to kill the pain.

Sweet Lord, that's a cute Scottish Fold kitten.

Fantastic OOTP stills. Commence squee... now.

Potter Actors Have Grown.

New Contest from, Get "Deathly Hallows" Delivered At Midnight ... if you're under 18. Dammiiiiiit.

Steve McQueen's Widow Wants Daniel Craig for a Biopic. Wow, he would actually be a pretty good likeness.

Morgan Freeman to Play Mandela.

Stephen King Defends "Torture Porn," But Not 'Captivity.'

Joe Queenan Says John McClane Is Responsible For all the Deaths in 'Die Hard 2.'

Margot at the Wedding Trailer and Poster.

Teacher Shows Bootlegged 'Shrek the Third' to Class.

High-Res Version of Where the Wild Things Are still. I don't know how they're going to make it into a full-length feature, but the look of it is pretty good.

Sam Jackson is in Everything, 'Iron Man.' I'm going to guess that Jackson is at the Hasty Pudding awards, or something very like it, in the picture. Because I just can't explain the hamburger bra otherwise.

Exclusive: Patrick Wilson on Evening. Somehow, Samuel L. Jackson is not in this movie. That I know of. Today.

Exclusive Videos/Photos: ‘Dark Knight’ Batpod and ‘Speed Racer’ Mach 5.

Final Becoming Jane poster. No, it still hasn't come out here yet.

First Official Indiana Jones 4 Photo. Warning: Actually an on-set pic taken by Spielberg of a very weary-looking Harrison Ford in a director's chair.

Pics from The Darjeeling Limited.

Children of the Lamp Film Rights Sold.

30 Days of Night looking pretty good? This is probably a strange reason to be rooting for this movie, but I've been interested ever since I heard Danny Huston was involved. I mean, besides the vampires and all. I don't know why, but ever since The Constant Gardener he's just one of those actors I've started following around for no good reason. Also, Josh Hartnett has apparently finished growing up, quoth the review.

"Evan Almighty just isn't funny." Oh God. And I so wanted it to be for Steve Carell's sake--I probably wouldn't have seen it in the theater either way, but now that it's the Most Expensive Comedy Ever, you know shit's gonna go down if it doesn't make big money this weekend.

Hugh Laurie + Keanu Reeves on Night Watch set. And Keanu is totally doing the Blue Steel!

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