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Saturday evening, ughhhhh

So I feel queasy and uninspired, how about you? Actually, it's all about the fact that I've successfully put off the Dreaded Black Ribbon Reread for a solid week. I'm to the point where I can't get any further with the rewriting (until now, I've just been writing out expansion scenes that aren't in the original draft at all) until I read through what I have and figure out what needs to go where and, more importantly, who knows what when. But for some reason, I'm absolutely terrified of what I'm going to find after a year or more of the thing being in the figurative drawer, which has led to spending Saturday on the following activities:

>> Play Webkinz for an hour

>> Watch Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School with my sister for an hour and a half

>> Reread half of Love and Louis XIV

>> Read all new posts on Snarkfest

>> Read all new posts on Google Reader

>> Check Fandom Wank

>> Update mood on Facebook

>> Paint nails "Cozu-melted in the Sun"

>> Find flea on dog, itch continuously thereafter

>> Paint nails with second coat of "Cozu-melted in the Sun"

>> Advise Sister Girl on dinner plans

>> Consider giving up writing, joining Peace Corps

>> Realize that I am far too picky an eater to join Peace Corps

>> Consider shower

>> Itch

It's times like these when I start to understand why so many writers drink.

My favorite Victorian research resource.

Ohio mom's body found; boyfriend charged.

Black lab drives owner's car into river. "No dummy, Charlie jumped out of the window as the car went downhill."

Average man sleeps with 7 women.

The real Pikachu?

The struggle for independents: As bookslut quotes it, "The independents got fucked by the Enron of publishing."

"A blind item to end all blind items..."

"Book by (fake) male prostitute-author (who is really a woman) called a fraud by jurors."

Tim Gunn's Two Cents on Handbags: "Very few people have the means to have a new bag every season, especially when everyday styles cost $2,000 and up. 'Gee, this is a $4,000 bag. Why don't I spend $600 instead and give the balance to charity?' " I love Tim Gunn, but WHO IS HE GIVING ADVICE TO? ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE?

Defamer Styles: 10 Hot, Unconscious-Celebrity Looks For Under $100! Well, at least the hoodie Lindsay Lohan was wearing when she passed out in a pool of her own vomit won't set me back FOUR FIGURES.

More OOTP desktops; 360 Degree View of Professor Umbridge's Office.

Full 'Iron Man' Cast Photo Released; Robert Downey Jr. looks like a complete dink. And he's not even wearing a superhero costume, y'all.

John Krasinki New Favorite For 'Fletch.'

Woody Allen To Direct Puccini Opera.

Strathairn Goes Scary for Korean Thriller Remake.

Iorek: One of EW's Top 100.

Images: Moliere, The Jane Austen Book Club, Stardust.

Kids may not like this ''Secret'.' SHUT UP! THE SECRET OF NIMH IS A CLASSIC!

Kate Winslet's first Lancôme ads. And these are supposedly the ones without airbrushing.

First shot of Kate and Leo from Revolutionary Road. Favorite comment: "i cant believe titanic came out a decade ago. fuck. why am i so old."

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