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Thursday evening, reeking of nail polish remover

Something interesting I've discovered: I can (and do) sit down at eight in the morning to write, and I kind of sputter along, but somewhere between two and three in the afternoon, the good stuff shows up; I wrote about seven pages longhand between 3:30 and 4:30 today.

Also, it's starting to feel like work--I wanted to say "it's starting to feel like shoveling coal," but God knows it is absolutely nothing like manual labor at all, and I would much rather be writing than coal-mining. But I do think there's a point when that fun feeling of racing to put down as much as you can and feel out the boundaries of your idea ends and the coal-shoveling begins. It's not editing or revising; it's still drafting, but it's the heavy lifting, when you have to finish what you've started. If you want to use the archaelogy metaphor, maybe this is the point after you've outlined what you've found and actually have to do some ditch-digging. It's not the refined detail work of air-puffs and toothbrushes when you get down to the individual bones; it's the point where you have to start shoveling out all the dirt around the dinosaur carcass so you can get to the bones. I feel like I keep writing and writing--and maybe having to write longhand downstairs is contributing to this feeling--but I never seem to make a dent in the amount of work I can tell needs to be done.

That said, it's still kind of exciting, in a problem-solving kind of way. I needed to expand the Wise Chinese Doctor stereotype I plunked into the original online version, and I'm really excited about what I've worked on this week; a lot of my crash-course research contradicted my expectations (Opium wasn't illegal. The Chinese community in London was relatively small. Limehouse really wasn't the den of Oriental iniquity it was portrayed as), which is always--I hate to keep using the word "exciting," but anytime you find an opportunity to do things a little differently from the accepted stereotype, well--it is.

I've been working on other things concurrently, of course, and today and yesterday I struggled with the Inventors' Club that Rose Hannah's father belongs to; it's mentioned in the original first chapter, I think. It's one of the things I wanted more of, just a chance to see who was in the club and what kind of things they worked on--another thing I've tried to do, speaking of which, is use characters I've already mentioned by name. Bonneville is now more fleshed out and someone you actually meet, someone who is well-known to both Munro and West, contrary to the original version of the story, and now there's a reason for what happens to him. It's my theory of character economy--as long as you avoid heavy use of coincidence, why have throwaway one-liner characters? Put them to work, make them do things--and if not now, save them for later. Thus, a random character in the Radcliffe ball sequence now shows up later in the story, and has a reason to. So now, the members of the Inventors' Club show up to do other things, and, conversely, random characters are now acquainted with the Munros in the first place because of the club. So, like I said, it's the ditch-digging of novel-writing, but it's rewarding.

Meanwhile, breakfast: the dinner of champions.

Massive linkspam, part one of two, to catch up after several days away:

megathy27: "I was wondering if you could post a link to my friend's survey in your next linkspam post? He, along with another student and a professor from Muhlenberg College, is studying "the addictive nature of non-drug related phenomena," specifically Harry Potter, in a four part series of surveys. HPANA has an article about it here with a bit more information, and the first survey is here."

pottersues: "I am having a Pottersues Fanfiction Banner Contest. Basically, readers/minions will go through the Archives of the past 1500 Sues and make a banner for one of the Sues. They must 'claim' their Sue so we don't have 10 banners for the same epic!Sue. They email the banner to me, and after two weeks of submissions, I will post a poll with all the banners. The readers/minions will vote for their favorite, and the winner will be mailed prizes. The runner-up will also have a prize. Everyone is welcome to participate!"

Fashion designer Liz Claiborne dies.

Chavez warns of resistance war with U.S.

CIA airs dirty secrets, scandals; CIA plot to kill Castro detailed.

Two arrests in missing British girl (Madeleine McCann) case.

Wrestler Benoit, wife and son found dead; Benoit strangled wife, smothered son; Benoit deaths raise 'roid rage' questions; WWE’s chairman calls Benoit a ‘monster.’

Then, the plot thickens: "Investigators are looking into who altered pro wrestler Chris Benoit's Wikipedia entry to mention [...] that the wrestler had missed a match two days earlier because of his wife's death."

Related: MSNBC host slams Bill O'Reilly for blaming dead mothers, or, "Reason #476 Bill O'Reilly is one of my top ten people to have shot into the sun."

Beverly Sills gravely ill with cancer.

Crater Could Solve 1908 Tunguska Meteor Mystery.

Egyptians: Mystery mummy is missing female pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut.

Doctors back plan to store medical info under your skin.

Jaw injury could stop hot-dog champ.

US Weekly blacks out Hilton coverage; MSNBC anchor says no to Paris.

'The Secret': Big sales, loud criticism.

Ex-Marine teaches pickpocket a lesson.

Pygmy hippo is born at Paris Zoo.

Giant Ancient Penguins Liked it Hot. Hey, nobody's perfect.

Diva Staring Contest. Clear winner: Dramatic Chipmunk.

Your Blacklight Poster Of The “Dark Side Of The Moon” Album Cover Has A Score To Settle Day!
“Is this going to get violent, Blacklight Painting?” you’ll ask. The prism will appear to crunch in on itself when it says, “We’re just going to teach somebody a lesson.”

“Steve eats lunch at the Del Taco on Cahuenga,” the blacklight poster of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” will say. “Pull up slow. And turn off the engine about 20 feet before we get to the restaurant.” You’ll do as the blacklight poster says. You’ll pull up to a space by the window to the restaurant, and then you’ll wait.
But… ar luv iz furbidden!


Thank you for flying Bunway Airlines.

Right now, the bloom is on these rose varieties.

And finally: GWTW fans, start saving your pennies, because Tonner Dolls is putting out multiple Melanies and Scarletts.

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