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It's a long post down there, so let's summarize the points, shall we?

1. A picture of the Cloverfield monster?! (Long story short: probably not)
2. Two posts on IMDB from a guy claiming to be part of an invasion and subsequent memory-erasing that already happened
3. Someone points out that the one official site we know to be true indicates that the attack has not already happened
4. Get a phone message from the Ethan Haas guy ("Van Mantra"), who is probably for real because Paramount keeps taking down videos related to him as well
5. An poster has a video analysis of the whole Cloverfield thing on YouTube
6. good people who can smoke out imposters
7. A new email from Van Mantra that I don't know what to do with
8. A "connection" between Ethan Haas and Cloverfield

So, without further ado:

A picture of the Cloverfield monster? It's from a guy posting on IMDB, which automatically makes him suspect, but on the other hand, he's writing in full, articulate paragraphs (as if, IMDB!) and talking about a monster he saw and how his memory was altered and "the documentary coming out on January 18, 2008":

My name is Gerald Webber. I live in New York City. In June of last year, our city was ravaged by a monster that no one knows nothing about. All I heard were peircing screams while I hid in my Manhattan office, waiting for the rampage to end.

After the carnage ended, I tried to find news about the "monster" and the attack. But I didn't find a single newspaper article, or T.V report. There was nothing on the internet. I later found out that the Government went for broke and did everything they could to conceal what happened. I got to hand it to them, they sure know how to cover up news especailly something of this magnitude.

One night, I awoke to find a syringe embedded in my skull.

(Okay, I may have started laughing at this point.)

I asked my Girlfriend to remove it. She gingerly removed it. There was very little blood. I took the syringe to a friend of mine who is a biologist. He looked it over and told me that there were traces of UO126 in the syringe. UO126 is used to wipe out people's memory. I asked him and my girlfriend if this had anything to do with the monster attack. They then looked at me and said, "What monster attack?" Apparently, they had already been exposed to the UO126 and their memory of the incident was wiped clean.

I am the only person who knows what really happened. And I am here to tell all of you to not be duped -- this is not a movie, but a documentary of that day. I know, because I am a part of this documentary and I am using footage from a digital camcorder that I found in a nearby storm drain of that incident to help sell this "movie."


Gerald Webber

Storm drain? That don't bode well for the folks in the trailer.

Second IMDB post:

Dear IMDb,

It's me, Gerald Webber, again. I just wanted to silence all the skeptics who continually bash me and the truth that I am trying to tell all of you. If you would like to know more about what it is that I am talking about, or if you are new here, just hit the following link:

That being said, I think it's time that I give to you a real photograph of the monster that attacked New York in June of 2006. I was there, and this is an image from a digital camera that I was able to salvage from the primary attack site. The camera was found in a nearby storm drain. It was heavily damaged, but the memory card was still intact. I was able to retrieve these photos of the monster. I warn you, this may be quite farring [jarring? scarring?] for you.

This is a picture of the monster. As you can see, the skin is very chapped and has many crevices to it. And the mouth is monstrous. It is constantly open and just hangs there without closing shut. It's rather menacing to relive this. The picture is quite blurry and was taken in night vision mode.

The fear that pulsates through my body when I see that image is just excrutiating. You may laugh at me, but you have to have been there on that day to know the fear the succumbs me when seeing this grisly image.

The photo-team is trying to colorize this photo; to give it depth and color so that we can see what the monster looked like in bright day instead of dark night. Once that photo becomes available, I will post it.

More will come when the documentary releases on January 18, 2008.


Gerald Webber

I gotta tell you, the picture freaks me out because I can't even tell what I'm looking at. Devil's advocate, though: I talked to someone who pointed out that the pictures on the site (more on that in a bit) are specifically dated... 1-18-08. Which means that whatever monster attack takes place in 2008, not June 2006 (or did he mean 2007 by "last June"?). Therefore, the 1-18-08 "documentary" cannot be about something that has already happened. Nice try, Gerald. The problem is--and more on this as well in a bit--that, with this kind of alternate reality game, the players have the same access to the medium (the internet) as the "puppetmasters," as they're called in ARG-land, and can put up fake or piggyback sites on their own. CONSTANT VIGILANCE, TRUST NO ONE, etc. Is that picture someone's beanbag chair sculpted into a menacing pose? Only J.J. Abrams knows... I suppose guess.

But then, in the ONTD comments (in which, to my shock, no one bitches about how fat or slutty the monster is, although they are suggesting that it's a picture of a monkfish):

why was this post put up and not mine? I actually have some information not yet posted. here ya go:

A collection of "cloverfield" clues

I'm just as curious and almost absessed as the rest of you. So I've collected links with information. Including the whois registry, with a working phone number to call. You'll hear a message from Van.


Van Mantra
2205 Holly Pine Circle
Orlando, FL 32820
(407) 760 2795

Although, the websites IP Address is from Culver City. Very close to the movies production, Paramount. But that could just be coincidence.

This IP Address is coming from Massachusetts...

Then there is the following we've all seen by now:

analysis of the internet blow up:

That last part about the pictures is nonsense and should just be disregarded.

I think the ONTD poster's right about the pictures; they seem pretty obviously to be two different girls. But go watch the YouTube thing linked in that comment, if you can; there's some interesting stuff about the video clips between the Ethan Haas puzzles, and they seem to have them in slightly better quality than I saw on the site. (I've saved the file to disk in case Paramount has that removed as well.) It's made by a member of the forums; I've been there before, and they're good people. Apparently, for example, may be a fansite rather than an official tie-in; the forumers have an eye for this kind of imposter, so if you're interested, you might want to keep an eye on Unfiction and their researches.

Also? has changed; there's now two pictures instead of just one. I also got a fresh email from the character running the Ethan Haas Was Right site, but I don't know what to do with it. I can't get the spacing to come across in text--and I think the spacing might be important--so here's a screencap. "Cleolinda wrote" is just a remnant of my (blank) email to him, by the way.

"View the source [code]" is obviously important, and it seems to point to the idea that it's the code during the second puzzle ("HAAS will open the second key"), but my blood sugar's too low to deal with it right now; I'm off to find some lunch. But is the Ethan Haas thing related to Cloverfield? Someone pointed out that "Ethan Haas" is a character on a now-canceled TV show costarring Lizzy Caplan... who has been confirmed as being in Cloverfield.

I do think it's kind of brilliant that they've dropped all this info, if it all really is related, right now--we don't get extended periods of time off work here in the United States, so a Wednesday holiday probably inspired a lot of people to take Thursday and Friday off as well. So a lot of people, I imagine, are sitting here with a five-day weekend on their hands, in addition to kids and students being off for the summer, and if there was ever a time to drop a complicated ARG on folks, now would be the time.

ETA: Giant e-cookies to chocotaku for finding a fresh copy of the trailer bootleg. Let me know if it goes away, and we'll repost it somewhere.

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    Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation: Several months ago, I stumbled across a Tumblr entry about being…

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