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More Cloverfield, although you're probably sick of it by now

Actual new information!

Via spectralbovine: Here's what the stupid Ethan Haas sites were actually about. Spread the word, boycott at will, have a party.

Meanwhile, I've been able to find out who some of the actors in the trailer are:

00:09 - Rob (Michael Stahl-David) discovers his surprise party. The third image is from just before the first impact.

00:23 - Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, "The Class") asks what the video is for.

00:27 - Odette Yustman wishes Rob a good time in Japan.

00:51 - Mike Vogel, aka Mr. Slusho Shirt.

01:28 - Jessica Lucas, right before the Statue of Liberty's head comes barreling through (I think that's Stahl-David and, a second earlier, Caplan, beside her).

I'd say it's Lucas and Caplan in the picture on the 1-18-08 site.

Meanwhile, via 011808, TrailerSpy Exclusive: Comments from a Cloverfield (1-18-08) Insider. Apparently this one's for real, because the person I spoke to (*discreet cough*) confirms that "the #1 principle was injured during a take and had to be taken for stitches to his head." On the other hand, TrailerSpy's insider "likes the Ethan Haas thing," so he may not be entirely reliable--or rather, there's a number of things that even people on the production don't know any better than we do. For what it's worth, the person I spoke to didn't think that Ethan Haas made sense within what s/he knew. And no, I can't say who it was. S/he's not even telling me very much--basically, s/he's agreed to confirm or deny a very few things here and there, so as to maintain the mystery and the surprise but to keep us from wandering off in the wrong direction. But because of the way Abrams is protecting information, there's things s/he doesn't know either (much the way the TrailerSpy actor didn't know), so we're still all in it together.

Anyway. The single most important point in the entry TrailerSpy article:
3) On a take in the scene you all saw (the trailer) at + 30 seconds after impact movie time, just a couple of us were told by Mr Reeves that we are seeing a giant foot stomp down (this is at the point where the tower explodes). Not Godzilla, but it is interesting…

The first explosion is at 1:03. At 1:29:


ETA: Via mokeyhokey: "One of the members of the SA Forums has a cousin working on the promotional team for the film. He obviously can't say much, but he did say that people should keep their eyes open at Comic-Con: 'Let me give you a hint: the people behind the marketing for this movie assume that if you see something lying unattended at comic-con, you will assume it's okay to steal.' "

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