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In v. good mood, as have finished mesmerism paper a full three hours before class. And Vladimir even says it "has a point and is more coherent than usual"! W00T!

Have put up Punk & Disorderly advertising, because I'm a whore. A whore who wants free DVDs. *struts around in fishnets*

The new Decipher cards are up, and... uh... they're kinda... ghetto. Tom Bombadil looks like a spaz. Goldberry looks... well, more like the River's Mother than the River's Daughter. And Legolas is more butch than Glorfindel. (Fortunately, Decipher!Glorfindel isn't that pinchy guy beside Elrond at the coronation in ROTK. The movie, I mean.) Radagast is not wholly displeasing. But still, y'all.

Oh, and there's a daisy-chain of links that basically lead back to either TFN or AICN, but the heart of the matter is this: one of the spoileriest Ep III pictures that ever spoiled is up. It's really gross and yet sort of awesome in its grossness. I totally wanted to make a "Today? Not a good day" icon, like I did for Van Helsing, but... no one can use it, basically, because they would get stabbed by angry Jedi fans. (I mean, you thought the "Legolas Dies" faux-spoiler icon kerfluffle was bad? Hooooo boy.) But I couldn't help it. So I made one anyway. Dude, are you sure? I am totally not responsible for any spoileration after this point. You sure? SURE? All right. If you use it, you will get stabbed. I'm warning you, man. And if you end up on Fandom Wank after inciting riots for using it before, I don't know, 2005? It's totally your own fault. I warned you. Go here for the icon.

Oh, and Nicole Kidman is apparently not going to play the White Witch after all. I am vexed.

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