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Friday night, waiting on mascarpone cupcakes

So I saw OOTP again on Thursday, because I am just that big a loser. My mother wanted to--well, she wanted to see Transformers, but my sister wanted to take a friend of hers to see OOTP, and obviously she can't drive while she's on painkillers, so my mother got shanghai'd into seeing Harry Potter instead. Fortunately she liked it, although she said she wished she'd known she was going to end up seeing it in the theater, since she would have rewatched GOF in that case. She's a casual DVD viewer of the series, really; never touched the books in her life. Anyway, I did notice that, when you first see Kreacher muttering to himself, after Harry walks up the staircase and away, he turns to the wall... where he starts talking to the covered portrait of Sirius's mother. Moreover, you can actually hear her muttering back, so she did make it in, in some small form. Also, I listened to the music a bit more carefully this time, and while I still don't know that it's as memorable as anything from the third or fourth movies, I do think I like the music to the all-out battle in the veil room.

God, I hope I'm not coming down with something. I've been chilly and achy and tired the last couple of days.


Via newsong: Blogathon 2007, for charitable causes. It sounds like the kind of thing I'd love to do in theory, but--somewhat ironically, given that I don't get out of the house enough--I'm not sure that I could guarantee that I could be there all 24 hours.

Via notashamed: 1_18_08, for all the known facts about Cloverfield, as opposed to 011808, which is for discussion and speculation. Speaking of which, there's a strange new picture up at the 1-18-08 official site.

Catching up on a comment from tzikeh: "J. Alfred Lolfrock - Rip-off. Not cleverly thought up by the poster, but massively, massively ripped off, and with no attribution."

Lady Bird Johnson dies at 94.

Police: Fake cop pulls over real cop.

Miss NJ reveals alleged blackmail photos... which were obtained from her Facebook. I'm telling you, people, once you put it on the internet, you cannot take it off. ETA: Pageant rules Miss N.J. can keep crown; Miss NJ releases Facebook photos; World says "Wait, that's it?"

FBI: Collar-bomb victim a plotter; Bomb plot suspect's alibi: Body in freezer.

Mom says she, toddler kicked off plane "after she refused a flight attendant's request to medicate her son to get him to quiet down and stop saying 'Bye bye, plane.' [...] Penland said other passengers began speaking up on her behalf, and the flight attendant announced they were turning around and that Penland and Garren were going to be taken off the plane."

"Fewer high school students are having sex these days, and more are using condoms. The teen birth rate has hit a record low."

New search begins in Earhart mystery.

Report: Pirate attacks up sharply.

Bus-sized squid washes up on beach. NOOOO NOT MY KRAKEN!

Prince CD giveaway angers industry.

Gunman tastes wine, cheese, then leaves, "request[ing] a group hug before departing."

Oh hi. You need new socks.

From lezopez: 11 movies saved by historical inaccuracy.

Book chain pulls Tintin from children's sections.

The 20 best and worst celebrity blogs.

'Xanadu': A flop on screen, a waste on stage.

Okay, I had long enjoyed "EAT SHIT, JESSICA, IT'S CARROT!" as one of the great fandom lines, but I hadn't realized until now that it comes from a video. Watch Graham Norton read fangirl message board posts aloud (in appropriate Valley Girl tones) while Orlando Bloom giggles helplessly, and see if it does not make your entire day.

Latest 'Potter' sets box office record. Well, duh. A little Harry Potter minispam for you:

Entertainment Weekly articles: Bonham Carter: ''I took my sadism a bit too literally'' (or, of perforated eardrums and duels that got cut); Daniel Radcliffe bares his...thoughts; On-set secrets from darkest ''Harry'' yet; scans from the new issue itself.

Interviews: interview with the kids: If you've ever wondered how a director affects an actor's performance, Daniel Radcliffe gives a couple of fairly good examples. Also includes the surreal exchange, "Who do you think's going to die?" "I think it could be you actually." Also, the three kids doing Moviefone's Unscripted interview, where they ask each other questions sent in from readers. ("What was the most extreme thing a fan has ever done?" "Oh, the girl in the towel!" "No, no, no, we're way past that now.")

Fun: HP Spoiler Generator ("Severus Snape burns down Hogwarts, and everybody celebrates after signing a massive advertising contract with McDonalds"; "Ron Weasley is killed by a crazed fan in the lounge, with the candlestick"; "Voldemort kills Hedwig the Owl with the help of a small zombie cat"); new wand replicas at Noble Collection (if nothing else, you get a closer look at what the movie prop wands look like); Daniel Radcliffe visits a Japanese all-girls' Hogwarts; 'Hogwarts' school to open in India. Also, of all the Harry Potter tribute bands, I have to say that "Weasleys Tore My Flesh" probably wins on name alone.

Oscar campaigns crop up in summer's heat.

trailer_spot: 10,000 B.C., Sleuth, Bee Movie, 11th Hour, Golden Age, Feast of Love; Lust Caution, Dark Is Rising, December Boys, Death Sentence, Get Smart, In the Valley of Elah.

Dark Is Rising official site.

Golden Compass Posters: Exclusive First Look.

Say It Ain't So -- Daniel Craig Says 'Bond 22' Will Contain Roger Moore-Style Comedy. WELL AT LEAST MY MOTHER WILL BE HAPPY.

Dark Knight Teaser Debuts in Two Weeks.

Movie Pics: 'The Night Watchman,' 'The Dark Knight,' 'Cloverfield,' and Woody's 'Midnight in Barcelona.'

Naomi Watts Joins Clive Owen in Tom Tykwer's 'The International.'

James Marsden Gets ‘Enchanted’ For Real-World Disney Fairy Tale. Another trailer I saw at Midnight Harry Potter (and which our audience loved).

A casting breakdown for four Watchmen roles.

Pajiba's scathing review of Captivity, " I Am Pissed the Fuck Off": "But, more than anything, I don’t want anyone to see this film — I want it to fail spectacularly. I want the filmgoers of this nation to prove that we’re above this sort of contempt and hate of the female sex. That we’re not actually a nation of sick, twisted frat-boy fuckers who’d get off on this sort of deprivation. That there is a line, and that we, collectively, recognize that it’s been crossed, and we won’t subsidize it anymore. That we can reluctantly accept the insulting comedies, the drab thrillers, and the tiresome, lifeless romantic comedies, but that this sort of noxious cinematic poison is not only deplorable, but morally criminal."

Sam Rockwell Confirmed to Star in 'Choke.'

Ronan To Star In Lovely Bones. Saoirse Ronan--"Seersha" is the pronunciation I'm hearing?--is also young Briony in Atonement.

Potential Artemis Fowl cast?

Warner Bros. Acquires Septimus Heap.

Spielberg Eyes Chicago 7.

Cheadle and Pearce Sign to Star in Steve Martin Espionage Thriller.

Proyas Counts on Dracula Year Zero.

'Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' Finally Coming to DVD.

Alec Baldwin: Please Don't Go See My New Movie. Well, "new," but it was made in 2001 and shelved since then, so...

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