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GOD! It's like being seven years old and waiting for Christmas over here. And you know, there's a point where it's not even about Harry Potter anymore. It's exciting knowing that millions of us are all waiting for the book to come out. It's exciting--and a little wrenching--to know that this is going to cap off a seven-book, ten-year series; that we're going to find out everything we've been wondering about, all the loose ends; that terrible things might happen to characters we care about; that there won't be more after this. And having OOTP come out in theaters just the week before multiplies the excitement by a factor of ten--it's exciting because it's exciting, if that makes any sense; it's getting excited for its own sake, a communal experience, a fannish high. I think the communal factor cannot be underestimated here; the last Lemony Snicket book had me champing at the bit, but it was relatively quiet in a fannish way, probably because fewer people read that series. The high dissipated pretty quickly. Deathly Hallows, you know people will be discussing this for months, and--bonus!--bitching at each other for years. For those of you who don't follow Fandom Wank, there are some violent, vicious differences of opinion over whether Harry should die, whether Snape is good or evil, whether Draco is a romantic antihero or a weaselly little bully, and, most importantly, who Harry ends up with. Some guy named Voldemort may be involved, but I hear that's just a rumor left over from the fake fanfic still circulating.

(Note: As of last night, all those links were spoiler-free.)

Another Pro Tip I heard on the interwebs today: Unsubscribe from email notifications of anyone who friends you (or defriends you, for that matter) until you've finished the book. When, oh, let's say dobbykillsharrypage606 friends you, you'll understand why.

Meanwhile, I've finally decided what I want to do on Friday night, and I am SO INCREDIBLY RELIEVED to have settled it. It's cost $40, but I'm going to the McWane Center for OOTP in IMAX at 8:30 pm ($10), and then hang around at their party ($5) until midnight, at which point they will have books right there ($25). Yeah, I probably could have gotten it cheaper, but four or five dollars is worth it to actually have something to do, since I was bored stupid for five hours at the HBP Barnes and Noble "party," and I suspect that people who would pay to get into McWane are less likely to shout spoilers out at midnight. SO. RELIEVED.

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