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Wednesday evening, rumors of cake abounding

So the Oven People came and restored our Powers of Baking, and I'm rereading Order of the Phoenix (will I reread the entire series in backwards order by Friday? Only time and really strange whims can tell). Also, I have a new Bellatrix icon, and I think the reason I love Movie!Bella so much is because she is just complete, childish, spiteful id. She's every nasty thing you've ever wanted to do and enjoy while you were at it. I mean, I totally want her to get her ass kicked in the seventh book/movie, but, you know... for an icon, she's fun, in a Halloween at Hot Topic kind of way.

Meanwhile, I have been getting dangerously close to rogue spoilers, and I don't like it. TWOOOO DAYYYYYS.

Potted Harry for beginners (BBC).

Harry Potter spoilers proliferate (Yahoo).

Online leaks could ruin 'Potter' magic ("I'm just not going to get on the Internet or watch TV" for the next three days, says Potter fan Jeff Chambless of Birmingham, Ala. "If I did find out what happened, it would not be the end of world, but it's more fun to enjoy a book as the author intended us to read it") (USAToday).

Distributor mails final Potter book early. Levy Home Entertainment, and That's who you want to stone is responsible for the leaks. Although I've also heard that the 720+ photographs leak was from a library copy.

Rowling: 'Help preserve the secrecy' of Potter (CNN).

Is Potter's foe, Severus Snape, good or evil? Or is he just in it for himself? (Warning: spoilers for the sixth book) (MSNBC).

‘Harry Potter’ Redux: Which Other Role Would Radcliffe Want? (MTV Movie Blog).

Top 10 Possible Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Endings (#2: "Ewoks sing") (IGN).

Via Bookslut: "It is time to make a stand against Harry Potter" ("Oh yes, that hasn't been done before") (

Bloomsbury Updates With More on JKR "Deathly Hallows" Reading and Webchat (Leaky Cauldron).

Of Centaurs and Kreacher, re: creature effects (Leaky Cauldron).

Muggles come out for one last party (USAToday).

Deathly Hallows called 'greenest book' in history (ONTD).

6 Questions The Last Harry Potter Book Had Better F#@king Answer (the title is self-censored; God knows I have no problem saying fuck this and shit that). "It's expected that the main narrative of The Deathly Hallows will be about Harry's hunt for the remaining Horcruxes before his final confrontation with Voldemort. If this is true, it means that the final Harry Potter Book will have the same plot as basically every RPG ever made, what with Harry having to 'collect the Seven Important Things' to defeat the 'loosely explained magic barrier' which will allow him to access the 'final dungeon,' and in the end he'll still be a 'massive nerd' " (

Man calls 911 to save him from police. "A 38-year-old man was arrested after he called 911 and told a dispatcher he was surrounded by police officers and needed help, authorities said." To no one's surprise, alcohol was involved.

Bestest pillow evar.

I think I may actually print and post this macro on my door.

The best movies of the half-year.

That Sneaky J.J. Abrams and His 1-18-08; Cloverfield Sites Clarified.

Ron Howard Directing Emperor's Children.

DiCaprio to Maybe Play Hefner.

Warner Bros. Makes Feeble Attempt To Hide Chicago 'Batman' Shooting.

New Batch of 'Bourne' Pics.

New Edition of Controversial 'Caligula' To Be Released, including "newly recorded, no-holds-barred commentary tracks by McDowell and Mirren," which should be fun.

Linda Fiorentino Will Produce, May Star in Russian Poet Biopic.

'Shrek' Will Probably Stop at Five Films. Well, thank God.

Famous face Steve Buscemi knows 'casting is everything.'

Stuffing The Ballots: Oregonian Congressman Cries Election Fraud In 'Simpsons Movie' Premiere Contest.

Q&A: ‘The Dark Is Rising’ Star Gregory Smith. So how does it feel to star in a movie that thousands of fans already hate? Thoughts?

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