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I stayed up all night and I'm not even tired. I'll go into the McWane party and all that later; I just want to say a few quick things:

>> You know, in our rush to lay bets on whether Harry would live or die, I don't know that any of us stopped to consider that he might do both. Because if there's anything better than a tragic hero, it's a resurrected one. Harry Potter: Like Jesus, In a Way.

>> (Speaking of people who are Like Jesus, In a Way, can I just say that it was like the fucking Beatles came out of those packing boxes when they opened at 12:01? I've never heard screaming like that in my life. And people just kept screaming--you'd get a fresh wave every time a new gaggle got past the doorway into the Inner Sanctum Where They Keep the Holy Book. I swear to God, I have never seen anything like it in my life, and I might not ever see it again.)

>> Man, Rowling sure did stick to the Harry/Hermione shippers, didn't she? I mean, hard.

>> Sister Girl got about a hundred pages in, then went to sleep. She started screaming, literally screaming in the dead black middle of the night, when she got to Hedwig. I--I don't want to be here when she gets to Fred. I mean, Lupin'll be bad, but after Fred, I'm pretty sure nothing else will matter.


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Tags: books, harry potter, potterdammerung
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