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Thursday night, done with my DH reread

Soooo, let's see. First the cat escaped and we cursed at each other and beat the bushes for an hour and a half; that was a couple of nights ago. (I've noticed that the cat has been unusually civil ever since, as if he/she/it is sort of embarrassed about what happened; instead of opening doors just for the fun of watching the dogs escape, s/he's been sitting very patiently in front of the door, possibly maoing, until a human arrives and rectifies the situation.) Then today, the Enemy Insurance Agent called my sister about her wreck--yes, it's been three or four weeks and that whole mess isn't resolved yet, mostly because The Insured won't answer his phone. But after the Enemy had a long debriefing with my sister as to what happened, we figured, the ball's in their court. They weren't accepting liability yet, but it was more of a "couldn't" than a "wouldn't," because they hadn't finished the process yet, right? And then The Insured does get back to his stinkin' insurance agent and proceeds to tell him that my sister pulled around in front of him from the right lane. You know, instead of him just plowing into the back of her car while she was at a standstill in front of him.

"How long were you in the left lane?" asks The Enemy.

"A while," says my sister; he hasn't yet told her why he's asking.

"Ten, fifteen minutes?"

"Well, I was coming down from Tennessee, so... about fifty miles."

"Oh." A pause. "Well, what about the bus? Where was it?"

"The bus? There was no bus!"

So now we've got some weird story about an imaginary bus that blocked his view of Sister Girl's car as she pulled in front of him from a lane that she was never in. It took him three weeks to come up with this? "Someone's been watching too many AllState Swoop and Squat commercials," she snorted.

So... that's my week so far. On the upside, I do have free passes to a preview of Stardust next week.

LJ is finally back up and talking about what happened: "Let the angst and false entitlement begin!" Also: What really happened to the LJ server? Take it with a grain of salt, folks.

I did make those icons, by the way. I finally thought of something to say about Trelawney--something I couldn't get to come out quite right when I was originally doing my writeup. So, here she is. No Neville and his gran, because... we don't really have a picture of his gran, do we? (No, Snape!Gran does not count.)

‘Harry Potter’ Watts - Townsend - Fiennes Casting Rumors Untrue, Say Actors’ Reps. DAMMIT.

In New Interview JKR Says She is "sort of writing two things at the moment"; Spoiler Alert: JKR Reveals Names of Two Characters She Had Intended to Let Live in Deathly Hallows and More.

Rowling answers 'Deathly Hallows' Burning Questions; JKR reveals what jobs the trio got and that she's open to a relationship she had previously nixed.

Snape ushers in the Potterdammerung? I particularly like the review bitching that the series doesn't have a moral unless Snape is the protagonist.

From Cynara: "Don't want to be caught, as an alleged responsible adult, reading Harry Potter? Here are some alternate covers. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NWS." And awesome.

Linkspam proper:

Etta James hospitalized.

NASA suspects space-bound kit sabotaged.

When death comes calling, so does Oscar the cat: "His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means the patient has less than four hours to live.... Dosa said Oscar seems to take his work seriously and is generally aloof. 'This is not a cat that's friendly to people,' he said."

Swimming pool stolen, not a drop spilled.

Voracious jumbo squid invade California.

Soap actor surprised to find himself dead.

Dakota Fanning is... different... now.

Departed 'Lost' character returning to show.

Groening: 'No end in sight' for Simpsons.

The Smoking Gun: Tom Cruise Extortion Plot.

50 craziest celebrity baby names.

Silence! The Musical bites into Off-Broadway this September. I... I don't even know what to say about this.

J.J.'s Mystery Movie: Secrets revealed!; Comic-Con: J.J. Abrams Speaks, “We Need Our Own Godzilla”; Greg Grunberg added to 1-18-08 Cast.

New Paramount Posters and Photos for Cloverfield (hi-res), Sweeney Todd, Star Trek, Beowulf, Spiderwick Chronicles. Note: The hi-res Cloverfield poster does not feature a title, "Monstrous" or otherwise. ETA: Apparently "Monstrous" is one in a series of three "[Adjective]" posters, not a title.

Strathairn Prepares For The Magical World Of ‘Spiderwick Chronicles.’

‘Watchmen’ Cast Revealed At Last.

Comic-Con 2007 Preview: 12 Questions Cinematical Wants Answered.

Comic-Con: A first look at 'Beowulf'; The New Beowulf Trailer and Site; Becoming Beowulf; Exclusive: Roger Avary on Beowulf.

Comic-Con: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Drops Anchor At The Show; Pirates Hitting DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 4.

Short Ends: The Return Of Marion Ravenwood; Indy IV Teaser Poster.

Taraji P. Henson talks about her role in Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Comic-Con: Rosario Dawson says 'Barbarella' remake will be made before 'Sin City 2.' Are you shitting me?

Guardian Joins Cinematical's 'No Funny Bond' Campaign.

Neil Gaiman on Sandman Movie.

The Hulk to Face Tim Blake Nelson.

'The Dark Knight' Teaser Bootleg.

New Trailer for Keira Knightley's 'Atonement.'

'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Trailer, because our God is an Angry God.

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