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Saturday night, tired

Okay, before we start with the linkspam catch-up, I have a musical request. One of my top favorite songs ever, seriously ever, for reasons even I can't fully fathom, is the Divinyls' "Pleasure and Pain." Here is the original, 3:50 in length. Now, I have been looking for a long time for an extended version, which I did find (here's that one, 4:32 in length). Problem is, the quality's kind of patchy. Does anyone have a clean, clear version of the extended version?


Some food of the Harry Potter books recipe links I've had for a while.

More answers from Today: Why Draco was the true owner of the Elder Wand and how Neville got the Sword of Gryffindor.

Huge DH answers in a Bloomsbury online chat. Read this if you read nothing else, although there are bits about Ron and Luna that contradict what she said in the Today interview. Includes what Hermione's love potion smelled like (GOD, I WANTED TO KNOW THAT!); what Aunt Petunia wanted to say the last time she saw Harry; and what Dudley's worst "memory" was.

New York Magazine presents the Harry Potter obituaries. (Confession: Harry's made me laugh out loud. Also Snape's. And Bellatrix's. And...)

Emma Watson finishes the book: "The trio survived! And Hermione and Ron got married and had babies! woop woop!"

Alfonso Cuaron "Really Tempted" by "Deathly Hallows" Film.

Worldwide OOTP gross: $708m.

7 signs you’re infected with Harry Potter fever. I love how number seven is basically an excuse to go, "Woooo! This one guy, he so crazy!"

Elderly man named Harry Potter survives another book release. Aww, he seems to have a nice sense of humor about it.

Another backlog of linkspam:

Yahoo Full Coverage: The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse.

TV news helicopters collide, killing 4.

Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud.

From bibliotech: Newsflash: Time May Not Exist.

Immigrant Simic to be U.S. poet laureate.

The 2007 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest results. Worst purposely awful opening line, grand prize winner: "Gerald began--but was interrupted by a piercing whistle which cost him ten percent of his hearing permanently, as it did everyone else in a ten-mile radius of the eruption, not that it mattered much because for them 'permanently' meant the next ten minutes or so until buried by searing lava or suffocated by choking ash--to pee." The Children's Lit winner is also for the win.

Fox News discovers 4chan. Uh-oh.

'LonelyGirl15' season ends with a twist. Wow, that's a pretty big twist, too.

How not to Save Our Show, by someone who has actually worked in TV. Hint: boycott threats and bombardments of junk? Don't work.

Literally, a Web Log. Ironically: not an actual log.

Artists' panties brief people on city history.


"Queen guitarist Brian May has handed in his astronomy PhD thesis - 36 years after abandoning it to join the band."

Pure, passive-aggressive class: "Elizabeth Dewberry Left Robert Olen Butler To Join Ted Turner's Collection," and Gawker has "what we believe is the full insane insane INSANE email that Bob Butler sent to his department, describing the breakup of their relationship." Among other things...

Teen Sues Over XXX-Video "Debut."

Austen's power: Jane addiction sweeps theaters, bookstores.

The new Brokeback? "Gerard Butler and Steven Strait are set to take a bite out of Screen Gems' postapocalyptic vampire western Priest. The two are in negotiations to star, while Andrew Douglas has signed on to direct." I have no idea what about this says "Brokeback Mountain" to the writer of that headline, particularly as that synopsis has a conspicuous lack of... sheep.

Anyway, to answer their question: No, this is. From agatha_mandrake: "Apparently, there are plans underway for Brokeback Mountain: the musical! Now, I love me a musical, but come on, Broadway, not everything needs to be set to song. And Ennis and Jack never struck me as the singing types anyway."

trailer_spot: Resident Evil: Extinction, Dedication, Drillbit Taylor, Beowulf, Blade Runner; National Treasure 2, We Own the Night, Rendition, Nines, Sugarhouse; Dark Knight, Golden Compass, Atonement, Horton Hears a Who, Things We Lost in the Fire.

'Stardust' cast drinks from the fountain of youth; Storyteller Gaiman wishes upon a star; EXCL: Interview with Stardust Director Matthew Vaughn; Gellar Turned Down 'Stardust' Role for Love.

Caspian Goes Bigger, Darker; SDCC 07: Caspian Armor Unveiled; Prince Caspian footage! See? See? I told you he fine! Also: Comic-Con: ‘Narnia’ Filmmakers Go The Distance, Plan For Seven Films.

A poster for Southland Tales, Richard Kelly's first film after Donnie Darko ; Kelly Talks Southland Changes.

Big Loads of Treasure on the 'Pirates 3' DVD.

Keira Knightley Will Play 18th-Century Princess Di. Okay, ignore the phrasing for a moment: what they're really saying is that Amanda Foreman's excellent biography Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire is being made into a movie, and also, that Keira Knightley will star. Huzzah!

Gory New Pics from '30 Days of Night'; R-Rated '30 Days of Night' Trailer; 30 Makes Vampires Scary Again; Sony Launches Official Site for '30 Days of Night.'

''X-Files'' creator speaks on elusive movie script.

‘Dark Is Rising’ Screenwriter Explains Why He Took The Job; "The Seeker" has now been stuck at the front of the title.

Bob Hoskins Talks Method Acting, Retirement, Says Making 'Super Mario Bros.' Was a "F**king Nightmare."

JJ Abrams was right about Ethan Haas; Cloverfield Set Videos and Photos.

Comic-Con: Tyrese Gibson, Joan Allen Hit The Road For ‘Death Race 3000.’ Wait, what?

New R-Rated 'Beowulf' Trailer Arrives, With Naked Angelina Jolie. You know, I was more impressed with the whole CG idea when I thought that maybe they'd go for something more impressionistic than, you know, photorealism. Which we could get just by... filming the actors.

(What's good for the goose: Cinematical's Best Films for Gratuitous Male Nudity.)

Hellboy 2 Comic-Con Limited-Edition Movie Poster.

SDCC 07: Iron Man Pics.

Coming Exclusive: Batman Gets a New Theme.

Roger Avary Helming Castle Wolfenstein.

Magic 8 Ball: The Movie? Well, everyone scoffed at turning a theme park ride into a movie, so... it's still a bad idea.

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