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I'm probably going to regret telling this story, aren't I?

So. Haven't done much today except finish rereading The Amber Spyglass, which I find I like a lot more the second time around. I think I was so anxious to get to the end the first time (some three or four years ago) that not a lot of quality reading got done, so it was almost like reading the book for the first time again--except that I knew the ending this time. And as much as I initially loved the books, the ending's always been wrenching, and I've been less and less satisfied with that as time's gone on. Although I hear now that Lyra's Oxford is supposed to be a bridge between the trilogy and a new upcoming book called The Book of Dust, so I'm not giving up hope.


Meanwhile, I went to scope out the available websites, and from Bridge to the Stars I found that the official movie site now has a blog! With articles and links and photos (PAAAAAAAAAN!)! (Awww! Daniel Craig is "a longtime fan of the books"! Pullman "had [Nicole Kidman] in mind years ago"!) I ended up going back to the official site proper to dig up all the desktops, which have the characters... and their daemons. You can grab them as follows: Lyra and Pan; Lee and Hester (HESTER!); Asriel and Stelmaria; Mrs. Coulter and... wait, he doesn't have a name?; and Serafina and Kaisa.

Meanwhile: Kidman Attached To Horror Remake.

‘The Dark Is Rising’ Interns Webisode 3. Here's my question: What did Rowling and Pullman do right that poor Susan Cooper obviously did wrong, that she doesn't have filmmakers devoted to capturing the Pure and Sacred Essence of her work? You can't even say she offended the Almighty in some way, because that's Pullman's field, and he doesn't seem to have suffered any for it.

Meanwhile, how is Stardust going to do this weekend? Well, yes, it is going to be bulldozed by Rush Hour 3, because that is what movies like Rush Hour 3 do. I actually saw Rush Hour 2 in the theater because a bunch of friends and I were looking for something, anything, to pass the time with, and I will say this (although you may later wish I had not, in fact, said this): I had a horrific, random boil at the base of my spine that week. I seem to remember that I was extremely stressed out about something, although I can't imagine what, and thus developed this excruciating, malignant thing. I'm serious, I've never felt pain like that at any other time in my life--mostly because it was very easy to sit down in a way that made this golf-ball-sized horror press on a major nerve. Pain like that, good God--I nearly threw up at one point. I tried to bandage it, cushion it--nothing worked, and there wasn't anything lanceable at that point. (See, I warned you.) So we went to Rush Hour 2, and I managed to situate myself all slunk down into the seat with my knees up, somehow, and during the two hours that followed, two hours of laughing at a brainlessly mediocre action movie (the only part of which I can remember to this day is, "How'd she chopstick up her hair with one hand? "), the boil quietly, painlessly burst.

I don't really remember where I was going with this now, except that everyone should go see Stardust because it will help Unca Neil but also because it is v. v. good. Or, as Gaiman himself says, "If you're in two minds about Stardust, about whether or not to see it or even when to see it, please go and see it this weekend. Friday night if you can. Take friends. If necessary, take them at gunpoint. They will love the movie so much they will forgive you afterwards. And if they don't forgive you, you can dispose of them quietly -- you're the one with the gun, after all -- and you will have a wonderful time for the rest of your life with the new friends you made at the Stardust screening." Also, I hear there may be a new Cloverfield preview. So, in conclusion--unless you're afflicted with boils: Stardust.

'300' Breaks High Definition Record.

Gugino Is Watchmen 's Spectre.

Yelchin Is Trek 's Chekov. Wait, isn't that the kid from Hearts in Atlantis ? How old is he? Meanwhile, Abrams Wooing Cruise For Trek?

NY Magazine reveals major Cloverfield spoilers?

Lost Ringing Veronica's Bell?

Bollywood Director To Remake 'Casablanca.'

MTV Exclusive Clip: ‘The Invasion.’

Kathleen Turner for Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Snuff’ Film?

P.J. Hogan to Direct Kinsella's Shopaholic.

Harris, Mortensen & Zellweger in Appaloosa.

Ian McShane Joins Death Race. Which has already acquired Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, and... Joan Allen? Seriously, I still can't get over that.

Coming Soon Exclusive: The One and Only Hans Zimmer! Wait, he scored The Simpsons ?

Jennifer Connelly is 'Just Not That Into You.' Yes, a movie of the self-help book He's Just Not That Into You. In which, I am sure, she will discover that he really is.

New August Rush poster.

trailer_spot: Lions for Lambs, Reservation Road, Kite Runner, Fierce People, Last Winter.

And finally, a Married to the Sea comic I intend to repurpose as an image macro the first chance I get:

Married To The Sea

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