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Thursday night. Hot.

Hmm. Seems to be a quiet day for news. Not that I mind; it's hot as Satan's underwear down here. Went swimming again today; managed not to burn.

Triple-digit temperatures broil Southeast U.S. YEAH THEY DO. I will say, if such a thing could be seen as a positive, the heat today was at least something of a dry heat, and there was an actual breeze around 3 pm.

Re: Strikethrough Part 2: Electric Boldfontaloo: The Terrible Secret of Livejournal. Which is something I've wished people would realize for a long time. To wit: "Because a significant fraction of fandom material (NOT just the lunatic fringe) really is illegal"--and the writer here is just talking about current copyright laws, not even the pornography issue, child or otherwise--"it's impossible for Six Apart to give fandom what fandom wants." Of course, Six Apart is still handling the whole situation pretty badly (favorite boneheaded move: pro-anorexia comms are A-OK!), but: still.

Study finds twist in human evolution.

Police find $66m stolen Picassos.

Suspected hit man nabbed -- wearing a dress.


Over at ursulav's: "All those handy soaps are not quite available to order, but the charming Ellen Million would like to gauge some interest so she knows how much to order! So if you're interested in any of the Elder [God] Soap, Naked Mole Rat Soap, or Savage Orange, boogie on over to Ellen's poll and let her know!"

From penmage: an overview of what they've done to The Dark Is Rising.

Back to movie adaptations that appear not to suck: I just realized why, in part, Movie!Pantalaimon is so adorable--Freddie Highmore is doing the voice.

Spider-Pig: The Choral Version.

Update on yesterday's Cloverfield spoiler article: Uh-Oh - Paramount Lawyers Confirm Cloverfield/Cheese Call-Sheet is REAL.

New 'Iron Man' Photo.

William Hurt Set To Take On Julie Delpy's ‘The Countess.’

Michellle Monaghan to join Shia LaBeouf and Rosario Dawson in Eagle Eye.

Darabont Talks The Mist.

Indiana Jones 4 poster.

See, IGN likes Stardust, too. Also: five minutes of video interviews with Neil Gaiman, Matthew Vaughn, Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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