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Quickly, because I'm going out

Okay, I checked up on this whole cream-or-no-cream, cloudy-or-not-cloudy thing. My mother's pralines are made with butter and buttermilk, and they don't always come out shiny, but (she says) it usually depends on the weather and whether you can get the pralines hot enough and then out on the wax paper fast enough (it is true, the first ones down are always the shiniest, and the last ones are the cloudiest). Something about the soft boil stage, I don't know. So it is possible to make pralines with some kind of dairy ingredient and still be shiny.

Also, Sister Girl reports that she went to Clary's Cafe and did, in fact, get an eclair as big as her head.

Preachy 'The Invasion' gets a little too heady. Eh. I hear it's terrible, and I kind of don't care. I'm going to see it tonight anyway, because: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig for two hours. Also, I hear Jeremy Northam's in it?

GJ cuts icon space from 2000 to 100. Well, there goes my primary reason for liking that service. Vote whether you'd like them back, and what you'd prefer to see go.

Woman receives a 300-page iPhone bill.

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers.

Chinese couple tries to name baby '@.'

An attack on the growing pretentiousness of American literary prose, or, as Bookslut puts it, "A taxonomy of literary gimmicks." And at the beginning: "Today any accessible, fast-moving story written in unaffected prose is deemed to be 'genre fiction'—at best an excellent 'read' or a 'page turner,' but never literature with a capital L."

New Batpics with tons of Joker. YAY. If something happens to them, I have a backup here.

Dozens of stills from the Harry Potter movies. They're smallish, but for OOTP particularly they've got tons of rare shots or unusual angles. Might be excellent for icons.

Golden Compass preview in the new EW.

Angelina Jolie is 'Wanted' for Some Sexy Photos. Also starring: James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman.

Final One-Sheet for '3:10 to Yuma.'

No matter what you may have heard, Stardust's budget was $70 million, not "ballooning" to more than $200 million. I'm glad Gaiman can clear that up, because I heard that the other day and kept trying to figure out where all the money must have gone.

MTV Exclusive Clip: ‘Right At Your Door.’ "What would you do if your city was under nuclear attack and your contaminated spouse arrived begging to be let inside?"

Harold And Kumar 2 Teaser Trailer.

Gaiman Hopes To Stop Time With Zemeckis In ‘Fermata.’

John Turturro is Going to Distribute His Musical 'Romance & Cigarettes' Himself. Well, good, because it's got Kate Winslet and I've wanted to see it for a while.

Rosario Dawson to Produce and Star in Weird Sci-Fi Online Series.

Billy Dee Loves Him Some Veronica Mars.

'Death Proof' Stunt-Wonderwoman Zoë Bell Gets New Action Role.

Roland Emmerich to Helm 'Fantastic Voyage' Remake.

Hair! Must! Dry! Faster!

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