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Do you yield, sir, or shall I sweat for you?

A quick note about The Invasion and zombies (mild spoilers): I said it was a zombie movie. Readers (multiple readers, with more exacting standards) are telling me that it's not. An alien consciousness is involved, yes. I was under the impression that 28 Days Later is considered a zombie movie (apparently it's not, not to purists), and made the leap that if a "rage virus" could count, then a "mind control virus" could also. Well, really I thought it was a zombie movie because Nicole Kidman spends most of the second half running from mobs of mindless implacable predators (who like to vomit on you rather than eat your brain, admittedly). My definition is pretty loose; it may not be yours.

(Something interesting I found out about The Invasion: "Originally wrapped in early 2006, the film underwent massive reshooting in 2007. The reason for this was the studio which didn't liked the cut director Oliver Hirschbiegel delivered. To change that, Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski were brought in for rewrites and James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) to direct the new scenes.")

Also, the trailers: we got the weird one-two vigilante punch of The Brave One, a movie in which Jodie Foster searches her conflicted, vengeful soul, and Death Sentence, a movie in which Kevin Bacon shaves his head and buys a shitload of guns. Yeah.

And then I came home to this in my inbox:

From: Binghui Demers
Subject: Do you yield, sir, or shall I sweat for you.

I confess, I knew this was junk mail, but I opened it anyway just out of sheer appreciation for the subject line.

A rather jumbly collection of awetastic linkspam:

This is fantastic. From despairfaery: Automatic Livejournal Lolfeeds. That is to say, the titles of my journal entries have automatically been rendered as lolcats, and some of them actually turned out really well (see: "This is why we can't have nice things"; "Three days").

"I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him... in Pepsi Vgifts." Includes snarky, impromptu Harry Potter fic ("Hermione nodded. 'You can drink Diet Pepsi MAX instead of sex. It's almost as much fun!' 'And if Harry complains, hit him on the head with your bottle of Diet Pepsi MAX' "). Caveat: As someone finally pointed out, sending anyone a ton of Pepsi Vgifts is only going to run up the Vgift stats and make them look hugely popular.


American Girl dolls seen weathering economic, recall woes. Yes, but they haven't been the same since Mattel took over. I BOUGHT AG DOLLS WHEN AG DOLLS WERE INDIE.

Financial traders turn to black humour.

Butterfly smuggling loses its king.

Facebook on the cover of Newsweek: "Unlike services like the giant MySpace—which at more than 70 million users still wins in raw numbers—Facebook is not a place where emerging stand-up comics, hip indie bands and soft-porn starlets try to break out by tagging thousands of people as virtual friends. Zuckerberg even says Facebook isn't intended as a venue to seek out new people, though certainly it's possible to locate promising strangers whose relationship status is 'anything I can get.' "

Who Watches The Watchers?: Justice For All. "Meet Jimmy Justice, traffic vigilante. As this 'Today Show' clip shows, Mr. Justice roams the city searching for evil-doers; specifically, parking violations officials who are themselves violating parking laws. If you want to call him a superhero, so be it."

Was the Colbert-Branson water fight real or fake?

Uhura joins Sulu on 'Heroes.'

"I'm sure everybody knows the expression like sloths to a Flames game."


Rumor Alert: J.K. Rowling, Crime Writer? It's a fairly flimsy rumor, to be sure, but with her talent for plotting, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

The books that got celebs hooked.

Remember Stephenie Meyer from the other day? Vampire tale takes bite out of 'Potter.' Not that this is so hard to do a month after DH's release, but: you know.

Sources so bad you must never, ever use them.

RENT - Updated for the iPod generation. And with mostly white people! An Irish Mimi! A butch Angel! A "Jerome Jackson"! A blond Joanne and no Maureen! I don't even care about Rent and I'm offended on general priniciple.

Neil Gaiman on some of the story changes in Stardust: "I suggested some events for the scene in the witch's lair, which were the kinds of things I'd assumed that we needed as far back as the first time I did a treatment for Stardust. But Matthew and Jane had reached a lot of the same places that I had because they were the sort of things you'd do in a film. >>(You need Septimus and the witches and Tristran and Yvaine in the same place, for example.) The happier ending was Matthew's. I'd suggested that he shoot the other one too, but really I don't think it would have worked with the film he made.<<"

Stills: Atonement, Halloween.

First James Bond #22 set pic; (More) First Images of Daniel Craig on Set for 'Bond 22.' ("Eleonora di Giuseppe of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sport says that 'horses [in the Palio] are exposed to unacceptable risks,' and that putting the race in a Bond film would only glamorize the event. When asked if he felt exploited, a nearby horse shrugged and answered 'Nay.' ") The best part (IMO) is that they're only filming the Palio; Craig's just there as a spectator.

Christian Bale as Bob Dylan.

Sandra Bullock on the All About Steve Set.

Bettany and Kretschmann Join Young Victoria.

Kidman and Fiennes to Star in The Reader.

Craig and Kidman to return for Dark Materials sequels. YAYS.

Kidman Eager For Espectro.

Scarlett Johansson to star in Frank Miller’s 'The Spirit' as femme fatale Silk N. Floss. I was going to say, "Oh, Frank," but apparently Will Eisner wrote it.

Evans, Fanning, Belle and Hounsou to Push.

New extended Silk trailer.

Possible Cloverfield synopsis? Seriously, DO NOT READ THIS if you don't want to know. The way it integrates the Slusho element seems extremely likely to me.

George Lucas Land? The question is more, why did no one think of this before?

'Superbad' funniest comedy since 'Borat.' So it should be quoted to death by the end of the week?

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