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Where IS the Advil?

You know how you see a movie when you're very young, and you kind of remember key parts but not much else, so when you see it as an adult it's like you've never seen it before? Yeah. One of the Encore channels has been having a Dirty Dancing marathon today. I mean, I have vivid memories of my mother playing the soundtrack when I was younger (I was about eight or nine years old when the movie first came out, I think), particularly on long vacation drives up to Nantahala. But the actual movie? Sister Girl and I stumbled across the marathon this afternoon, and it's one of her favorite movies, but I couldn't even remember why Johnny was teaching Baby to dance in the first place--I was surprised to find out that it was as a favor to him. Ironically, the one thing I did remember was the abortion subplot, because so many people have said, "Hey! I never realized that was about abortion when I was a kid!" So I remembered that, and all the iconic moments that they play over and over again on clip shows, and the music... but that was about it. I didn't even remember that Baby had a sister, much less that there were Ivy League snob-waiters involved. Nor did I remember the actual context of "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," so I was a little nonplussed that Johnny was... upset that Baby didn't get better seating? Huh. I'd always assumed it was more of a metaphorical cornering, like by one of those Ivy League dipshits. So, anyway, it was a bit of a revelation to watch the movie as an adult--and it's surprising how well the movie holds up. Or at least I thought so; Roger Ebert dinged it with a single star way back in the day. Of course, he probably also thinks that it plays just the same.

(Hell, I just love how, at the end, Kelly Bishop's just like, "Sit down, Orbach, and let your daughter shake what I gave her.")

(By the way: the writing of this entry just now was interrupted by my mother dragging me downstairs: "Look! THE STARS ARE MOVING!" "What? God, the moon is bright--" "They were MOVING! Back and forth! Like this, and then back like this, and then--" "I see stars. Twinkling. That's all." "They were MOVING!" "Well, look, if the aliens come tomorrow, you can tell me you told me so till the cows come home. Where's the Advil? I'm going back inside.")

So, until I came down with a splitting headache roughly around the time I was marched outside to stargaze, I've spent the last couple of days feeling weirdly giddy. I mean, really happy. Which is great; I just can't explain why. I mean, not that I need a reason to be happy--that sounds terrible--but you know how you'd normally describe a pleasant default state as "content"? This is actually happy. I feel like I have some kind of wonderful secret I'm keeping, or like I'm in love (and it's neither, trust me). It's just so giddy and persistent, I can't explain it. Maybe it's all the vitamin D I'm getting from being out in the sun swimming. I don't know.

On the downside: I'm still having weird spells of fatigue (am I coming down with happy cancer or something?), and my little Zen mp3 player has gone missing, although I keep it religiously in a white tote bag with all my current writing. If you have any search-and-discover gnomes, send them my way.

Eh, the linkspam:

One in four read no books last year. Jigga WHAT?

British mystery writer Nabb dies at 60.

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads.

TV Guide talks to Kristen Bell about Heroes.

Janeane Garofalo to join cast of 24.

trailer_spot: Silk, I'm Not There, Cassandra's Dream, Exiled, Harold & Kumar 2.

Aishwarya Rai Films ‘Pink Panther 2.′ Oh, honey, no.

As You Like It : * * * 1/2, but not in theaters. It's on HBO instead--was it made for HBO? I thought it was going to theaters, but maybe not...

Oscar Preview: Harvey Weinstein Betting Own Life On Blanchett's Oscar Chances. As Bob Dylan, no less. After the trailer yesterday, I'm almost inclined to agree with him.

Meanwhile: Images: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Pretty!

Ray Stevenson Talks Punisher.

Ryan Renolds may play The Flash.

Hall's Dark Knight Role Revealed?

Cloverfield: New Slusho Happy Talk.

Claire Danes Says ‘I Won’t Be Back’ For Future ‘Terminator’ Films.

Q&A: ‘3:10 To Yuma’ Director James Mangold.

Quinto Offers Trek Details; Crowe on Trek Buzz.

Casting Begins for Rob Marshall's Nine.

Freeman and Fincher ‘Rendezvous’ For Sci-Fi Space Thriller.

Isla Fisher is a Shopaholic.

Yellow-band trailer for The Strangers with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.

Fox Sings Aliens vs. Predator Requiem.

Anthony Hopkins' bizarre Slipstream gets a distributor and a release date.

The Naked Truth: Keira Knightley, Honorary Jezebel?

Michael Bay Says No to Transformers 2... because he's mad they wouldn't release it on Blu-Ray. What? Oh, wait: Michael Bay Reconsiders Hastily Adopted Position in Format Wars. I like how he even refers to "drinking the [Blu-Ray] kool-aid."

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