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Wednesday night, blah

Hmm. Nothing much going on today, except swimming and an attempt to read over recent output. As much as I'm clinging to the last couple of weeks of summer, maybe fall coming in will help me get back into Black Ribbon. Hell, maybe I should get back into my yearly reading of old-fashioned gothic fiction.

Also, shenanigans: our neighbors are having some work done on their house, and there's a retaining wall on our property that faces them. Because the street is on a downward slope, you really can't see the wall from our house or yard at all, so we said they could paint it whatever color they wanted. But it's still fundamentally our property, right? Well, a couple of their workmen decided to chisel out a couple of bricks--without anyone's permission, mind you, not even our neighbor's--and declare that they would need to rebuild the wall ($1000). So Our Neighbor hurries over to tell my mother. (Those of you who know my mother from this journal can probably already see where this is going.) My mother says that the wall is fine, and that we are not going to do anything to it, unless Our Neighbor wants to pay for it, and P.S., PUT THOSE BRICKS BACK. The next day, the workmen come back to talk to my mother and tell her that she's really going to need to rebuild the wall, and they can do it very conveniently while they're already at Our Neighbor's ($2500). My mother replied that she wanted the bricks back in that wall now, and added that if the bricks did not "conveniently" get back in that wall, she would be calling an attorney. The rest of us are kind of hoping that they come back a third time, because we want to see the fun.


Photos of bare-chested Putin create stir. Hey, better their president than ours. (Which reminds me: I once had a conversation with my sister and her best friend in which they both admitted to finding Dubya attractive--perhaps, dare I say it, hot. I have still not recovered from the psychological wounds inflicted that day.)

Holy shit: An IM Infatuation Turned to Romance. Then the Truth Came Out, via Jezebel. It's not the deception. It's not even the crime that was committed. It's the double-cross that makes this one so shocking.

Tearful 'Barbie Bandit' pleads guilty.

Feline Memories Found to be Fleeting.

xkcd: This explains so much.

'America's Got Talent' names 'best new act.' Have you seen this guy? He can 1) sing as 2) different celebrities 3) as a ventriloquist. The night I saw him, he was singing "What a Wonderful World" (if I remember correctly) as Ray Charles, and the puppet was singing as Kermit the Frog. Damn.

Rupert Grint Talks "Half-Blood Prince" Script and More. Filming, by the way, will begin next month.

Trailer: Reservation Road.

The Nines trailer, HD. Note: this is the really cool-looking John August project, not the musical Nine. Speaking of which: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem for 'Nine.'

The Love Guru Brings Sexy Back.

Steve McQueen biopic in the works; widow wants Daniel Craig to star. Ah, a woman of taste.

Jesse Eisenberg To Star In ‘Superbad’ Director’s Follow-Up, ‘Adventureland.’

Jason Isaacs and Melissa George Have Stopping Power.

‘I Have To Play Adelaide’: Mandy Moore Says ‘Guys And Dolls’ Is Her Dream Project.

Mendes Joins Frank Miller's Spirit.

James Mangold Still Ready To Play Some ‘Murderball.’

Crudup on 'Dedication,' panic and pronunciation.

Could a 'Ferris Bueller' Sequel Be On the Way? I don't know, is Our God an Angry God this week?

Featurette: The Slithery Star Of ‘Darjeeling Limited.’

Who's Still Waiting for That 'Underworld' Prequel? I keep meaning to see the second one, if only for Scott Speedman, you know?

'Killer Sheep' Scribe Accuses 'Black Sheep' of Plagiarism.

‘Return Of The Jedi,’ Directed By…David Lynch? I feel like I've reported this bit of trivia before, but it's pretty much worth reposting every day of the week, as far as I'm concerned.

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