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Thursday night--where did the week go?

So I finally went and got myself a (mild) sunburn, after two weeks of being so careful, since I am, after all, a whiter shade of pale. No news on the wall shenanigans front, but I was outside with the dogs this morning, and suddenly Shelby starts growling and barking at a large flowerpot. See, we have this fenced-off area under the deck where my mother's prized Nantahala ferns are (no, I don't know either), and two or three large (perhaps two-foot-tall) flowerpots stand in front of it, each holding a mix of plants. So Shelby's going nuts, and not in that "I see a small child down the street" way--in an actual "DEATH TO THE INTERLOPER" kind of way. So I go over there, and between two of the flowerpots, she's cornered... the cat. Our cat. Our indoor cat. The cat is crouched there with this total "Oh shit " look on his/her face, but goes (relatively) quiet back to the house.

Now, I don't know why, given my stepfather's (completely understandable) mania for having entrances locked at all times, but we've been keeping the downstairs back door open this summer. The wooden door, I mean; the glass door on top of it does stay closed. And the cat's been hanging out a lot downstairs, mostly because we'd rather have him on the other side of the only door he can't open, because--have I mentioned this?--Bad Cat likes to open the den door and just watch the dogs run wild and free up the stairs. It used to be that the cat would only open the door when he wanted to go to a different room, but now he just does it for shits and giggles. Most of the doors in the house have lever handles, you see, rather than round doorknobs, and if he stands on his hind legs and paws at a lever handle two or three times, he can open the door.

Guess what kind of handle the glass back door has. Guess.

We're keeping both doors shut from now on.

Oh! Oh! I also have an update on Smashup 2007: Safeco is still trying to worm out of paying for my sister's car. This time they're trying to find the owner of the dog that ran out into the road that caused the first driver to stop which caused my sister to stop which caused the asshat behind her who was following too closely to total her car, but it doesn't matter anyway because they don't have a leash law up there so they can't legally blame the dog or his owners. I suggested that the owner of the dog lives in the house that Jack built, but they didn't take too kindly to that. Anyway, we figure that when my mother calls an attorney to make the workers next door put her bricks back, she can get a twofer.

Acclaimed writer Grace Paley dies at 84.

Remains of Czar Nicholas II's heir may have been found.

Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith.

Jamba Juice warns of Hep. A risk.

Scandal and Suicide in China: A Dark Side of Toys.

Condolences: Reasons You Don't Want Jerry Lewis Delivering Your Eulogy.

Newsflash! Chicks Use Computers!

The infamous Colbert and Branson Waterfight.

No Human Rights In "Kid Nation."

Too much, too fast for overreaching 'Heroes.'

Hollywood Out Of Ideas: NBC Resurrecting American Gladiators.

UFOs Over Haiti. The clearest, most amazing footage of UFOs you'll ever see. Sadly, that's because it's fake.

Bill Murray Arrested for Drunk Driving in a Golf Cart. Oh... oh dear.

Night Scenes for "Half-Blood Prince" to be Filmed in October; John Williams to Score "Deathly Hallows" Film? You know, something really annoys me about all the big names wanting to get back to (or horn in for the first time) on the big Potter finale, while the rest of us fell in love with the crew who actually carried the series up that mountain. (Remember the "Spielberg wants to do the seventh movie" news/rumor?) This may be less true of Williams, who did compose the iconic series theme; I'm just saying.

Pretty, pretty Golden Age pics at Costumer's Guide.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the Cate spectrum: two "I'm Not There" pics.

Sommers Directing G.I. Joe, i.e., a rumor confirmed.

[Name redacted] in The Dark Knight ? "It's a big surprise and I want to reveal it to everybody right now," says Christian Bale. Wait, what?

Movie Review: 3:10 to Yuma.

Spoilers: Video Of Daniel Craig Attending 'Bond 22' Filming. I have no idea what manner of spoilers they be, however.

James McAvoy not in Star Trek movie. Yeah... it was a rehash of the old rumor.

Terrence Howard Hints At Emergence Of Iron Monger In ‘Iron Man.’

Carla Gugino is 'Righteous' with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Exclusive MTV Clip: ‘The Nanny Diaries.’ Mostly because I don't have any other segue into a discussion of Scarlett Johansson, I would like to take this opportunity to note that Sister Girl and I were channel surfing the other day and stumbled across a rerun of an SNL she did, and even though Sister Girl loathes Scar Jo, we still went around braying "You gotta get a chandeleeeeeeah!" half the afternoon. (I can't find a clip of it, so here: have Scarlett singing about her weave instead.)

Rob Zombie’s ‘Filthy Adult Movie’ Is Ready To Go.

Justice League to be Creepy CGI? (Christian Bale Hasn’t Been Approached For ‘Justice League.’ RUN ANYWAY, CHRISTIAN!)

Awww, went away. : (

trailer_spot: Assassination of Jesse James, Run Fat Boy Run, Secret, I'm Not There, Reservation Road, Shine a Light.

Spiderwick Mixes Scares, Laughs.

Are 'Evan' and 'Stardust' the Bombs of the Summer? Noooooo! Stardust was actually good! The majority of people who saw it on my recommendation really enjoyed it! Charlie Cox is really cute and Robert De Niro crossdresses! What more do you people want? *sob*

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