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A sleepy Saturday afternoon

Mmm, watermelon. I think Infamous is on cable later tonight (Capote's somewhere Monday afternoon) and I'm reading the newish issue of Vanity Fair right now, and that's pretty much my plan for the day.

Astronomers find a hole in the universe.

Choice of sculptor for Martin Luther King Jr. monument draws flak.

Rich Russian tries to buy U.S. bomber at airshow. "An astounded member of the U.S. delegation said the bomber was not for sale but that it would cost at least $500 million if it were to be sold on the spot. 'That is no problem. It is such a cool machine,' the Russian was quoted as saying."

Prosthesis offers hope for tailless dolphin.

Stowaway cat hitches 1,000-mile ride.

Camp for those who see dead people.

Slate articles on Wikipedia: Why do subjects have to be "notable"? Since the links came up in a discussion of a popular fanfic writer being removed from Wikipedia, I went and searched for myself out of curiosity. Lo and behold, there's no "Cleolinda Jones" entry (nor should there be. No, seriously, don't go over there and start one), but there is a "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" entry. From what I know of the notability guidelines, I think that could be defended--I did a published interview for the book, I remember reviews in at least three separate magazines (uh, do they have to be good reviews...?), and so on. It can be independently verified that someone at some point gave a professional damn, I guess. The article is an "orphan," however, in that little to nothing links back to it, although I don't know what could. I'm still embarrassed that "Crazy Gary Oldman" from two or three of the parodies showed up in Actual Gary Oldman's Wikipedia article, because out of context--he's not crazy! I wasn't saying that! He plays crazy a lot! That's why it was so brilliant to put him in Prisoner of Azkaban, so the people who don't read the books but see the movies would go, "Oh, Harry can handle Voldemort, sure, but I'm putting my money on Crazy Gary Oldman this time," and then you have the big twist and see? That's why it works! And meanwhile, if Gary Oldman ever looks at his own Wikipedia entry (eh, it could happen), he's going to see that and go, "Who is this asshole?" So I would find it extremely embarrassing if people started going through actor and movie entries and stuffing in How They Relate to M15M tidbits. If nothing else, it would piss the Ruling Wikipedia Elite off at me, even if I wasn't the one doing it. I'm just trying to observe here what it's like to be on this knife edge of being "notable" enough to merit an entry but not enough to have any kind of integration with the rest of Wikipedia. Because that's exactly how it is: I have my little corner of Livejournal, but that doesn't mean I have any significance in greater pop culture.

(Which reminds me of a conversation I had at the Deathly Hallows McWane party: I run into someone from Livejournal, we have a nice chat, I go back to my friends. The Lovely Emily turns back to a friend she brought and declares, "She's famous." "You're famous?" he says. "I'm internet famous," I said. "That's totally different. You know that kid on YouTube who was pretending to be a Jedi? I'm not even as 'famous' as that kid. Next year, no one might remember me at all. That's what internet famous is like." Also, "famous" doesn't look like a word anymore.)

Awesome gigantic mixed-media Wonderland necklace at Wearable Sculpture.

John Singleton Involved in Fatal Car Accident.

Castro death rumors excite Miami; Did Perez Hilton "Kill" Castro To Distract Public From Massive Journalistic Lapse?

Scrimgeour might be cut from HBP--but if he makes it in, David Yates wants Bill Nighy (according to this source). Yay!

New DVD Edition Of 'Casino Royale' To Reportedly Contain Three Discs. I think my family wanted to know why I suddenly shouted "AUGHHHH FUCK YOU" at eight in the morning. I hate double dips, what can I say. Although at least this one will have a COMMENTARY, JESUS, and God knows I've gotten my money's worth out of the copy I have.

trailer_spot: No Country for Old Men, Hitman, American Gangster, Someone Else, Aliens vs. Predator, Beowulf.

Morgan Freeman Has A 'Rendezvous with Rama.'

" Comes Back With a ROAR!"

New Animated 'Ten Commandments' Hitting Theaters in October.

And finally, new hi-res stills: The Golden Compass; I'm Not There; Lust, Caution; The Brave One; The Darjeeling Limited; Beowulf; Becoming Jane.

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