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It's not even September yet, and here my thoughts are already turning to Halloween. This is probably for the best, as I associate Black Ribbon most with Halloween--it's just that whole gothic Victorian thing. Not Hot Topic gothic, but rather English ghost story gothic. I've let rosehannah languish a bit while the Harry Potter-Stardust summer fantasy juggernaut paraded through, but I'm going to start posting again--several steampunk blogs and sites I've picked up since then, whatever gothic short story I happen to be reading, whatever I happen to be researching. I started it a couple of months ago as a (spoiler-free) writer's notebook, both for me and for people who are interested in the story, if you missed me talking about it the first time.

Slightly related: Big BPAL Halloween update. God, I'm going to have to start selling plasma just to afford a set of imps. Fortunately I still have a mostly full bottle of Sugar Skull, which I love, and a good bit of Samhain.

New entries compiled at the Cleoland wiki: Pthoolhu, Sawyer the frog, my mother, and dreams (and why does Brad Pitt feature in so many of those?).


Greek fires reach ancient Olympics site; Greek leaders face criticism in fires.

Teen with TB jailed, receiving care.

Police log: Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide; Owen Wilson hospitalized after suicide attempt; Owen Wilson Well Enough To Tell TMZ To Stop Hounding Him; Hospital says Wilson doing well; Owen Wilson Visited in Hospital by Samuel L. Jackson; Owen Wilson’s film future still looks bright.

Do Parkinson's drugs create obsessions?

Crushed glass to be spread on beaches.

Why Princess Diana still fascinates us.

Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe. That... that is not a headline I expected to read. Not the "gay" part, the "medieval" part. "BREAKING NEWS: BLACK DEATH KILLED 1/3 OF EUROPE."

Baby hedges adopt hairbrush Mom.

John Ashbery, poet laureate of the mtvU set.

Cormac McCarthy has won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize ("So the Scots AND Oprah love [The Road]. Damn, that sounds like a depressing book").

''Lost'' adds fifth new cast member.

Jim Carrey pleads for Nobel laureate's freedom.

Jack Davenport, Christopher Eccleston among the famous names reading children's stories. Downloads!

From brightcupenny: Stardust costumes on eBay, in which you can see the number motif I was talking about on Sunday.

'Pirates' and 'High School Musical 2' Triumph at Teen Choice Awards. (Speaking of pirates, from thegeneralerin: "Most successful pirate was beautiful and tough.")

Fall movie guide: Oscar bait.

Ang Lee movie caught in political spat.

A different Sweeney Todd poster: a bit more atmospheric and a little less crotchly; Sweeney Todd Opening Wide Dec. 21 (YAY); Sweeney Todd Too Gory? (*facepalm*).

'Bond 22' Not Based On A Fleming Story ("but steeped in Fleming's ideas"). I'm to the point where I just report all the latest Bond news to my mother for the express purpose of winding her up--I actually got her going for ten minutes last night at the dinner table.

The Dark Knight Spy Report (spoilers).

More Cate!Dylan pics from I'm Not There.

Crowe and Bale: BFF’s From Day One; The '3:10 to Yuma' Will Arrive a Week Early.

The Earth Stands Still for Keanu.

The Lovely Unknowns.

Downey Joins The Soloist.

Affleck's Not That Into You.

Stone Directing Willis & Tatum in Pinkville.

The Rock Escapes to Witch Mountain.

Bruce Campbell Won't Do 'Bubba Nosferatu.'

Corey Haim May Not Do ‘Lost Boys’ Sequel After All.

‘Shazam’ Will Be A ‘Big’ Comic Book Movie.

Tom Welling in 'Justice League' Movie?

Mane Looks Norse Towards ‘Thor’ Role.

Wachowskis Go With Original ‘Speed Racer’ Theme.

Luke's Lightsaber Heads Into Space.

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