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Wednesday night, bleh

Hmm. Really fatigued, uninspired and out of it today.

Wal-Mart targeted in bomb scam.

Former security guard Jewell, once wrongly suspected of Olympic bomb, dies.

Airport screens holy water.

Artist suspected of torching Burning Man early.

Revelers paint Spanish town red in giant tomato fight.

Pathologist: Doctor killed Beethoven.

Poisonous 'Golden Frog' Discovered.

Attn: Snarkfesters who remember the implosion of Fametracker: Crazy PXThis Girl Is Still Crazy.

The Elements of Style: The Movie.

List of Deleted Scenes for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" DVD.

Wilson drops out of film after suicide attempt. Meanwhile, "What do we really know about Owen Wilson?" "I found him to be affable and charming (as many actors are during interviews), he was also serious and thoughtful, not at all like the grinning slackers he often plays. There's a tendency to think we know what actors' personalities are like based on the roles they gravitate toward, which is probably why so many fans were shocked to learn of his apparent suicide attempt on Sunday." Sister Girl was shocked, as I fully expected, but so was my mother, which surprised me--I hadn't realized she was really aware of him enough to be shocked. "He was in Behind Enemy Lines," she informed me soberly, as if this explained something. Also: Hollywood's view of Wilson: 'He's loved.' I actually think that, if Wilson can get himself together health-wise, he will actually have no trouble getting his career back in motion. After all the flamboyantly, flippantly bad behavior from other celebrities that's been in the news for the last couple of years, I think people will actually be more interested in and sympathetic to someone who's turned out to have been living a life "of quiet desperation," as it were.

Coogan denies supplying drugs to Owen Wilson. Ouch.

" 'Love in the Time of Cholera' is in your extended network!"

trailer_spot: Grace Is Gone, Shattered, Atonement, Control, King of California, Dark Knight, Hitman.

Meanwhile, aerial footage of a (spoiler) explosion from 'The Dark Knight'; more set pics.

SPOILERS: Paul Haggis Weighs In On The Next Bond Villain.

Wortmann Directing Potente in Pope Joan.

One-Sheet for Witherspoon/Gyllenhaal 'Rendition.'

Zack Snyder to Helm 'Illustrated Man' Remake.

Jamie Foxx Plays With Strings For ‘Soloist’ Role.

Goyer Preps Magneto.

Anna Faris’ ‘Bunny’ Is Now ‘I Know What Boys Like.’

James McAvoy: "I'm not in it for the fame."

"'Balls of Fury' makes 'Dodgeball' look like high art."

Corey Haim Is Angry At Corey Feldman! But Does Feldman Know? "YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. TRUST ME. And check back tomorrow for Haim’s story on dating Posh Spice (I’m absolutely serious)."

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