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Okay, so, first of all, I've found a hard round lump under my chin, back near my throat--the middle of my chin, so it's not a lymph node--that's about the size of a dime. It's under a layer of skin and fat, shut up so I can't see it, but it's obviously pretty deep, so it's not some kind of blemish. It didn't hurt until I started prodding at it, at which point it started to get a little surly. Someone suggested it might be a cyst, which I like better than my instantaneous self-diagnosis of Fatal Chin Cancer, although no one suggested this until after I'd lost a night of sleep worrying about it. So. Short of running to a doctor (and we all know how often I manage that) and demanding that s/he examine and/or remove my Chin Cancer NOW, how can I figure out what it is and what, if anything, can or should be done about it? Like, is it likely to be a cyst? Will it go away by itself? Can I stop writing out my last will and testament?

(You laugh, but after Dooce's experiences with cancerous growths, I'm not trifling with this shit. I'd rather run to a doctor and get it removed now than get told a year from now, "Well, you have two weeks to live, but if we'd caught it sooner...")

Second of all: What ever happened to I get faithful solicitations from their mailing list as to whether I would like to unsubscribe or not, but I don't think the site itself has updated in three years.

As 9/11 Nears, How Much Tribute Is Enough?

Full list of Hugo winners from Making Light, which now has one in the family.

At Neil Gaiman's: "An at-a-glance guide to spotting things like walls and me and giraffes."

Google's company Zelig.

Texas town wonders if mythical chupacabra was found.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Behind the Hero's Cape.

CBS Claims Advertisers Like 'Kid Nation.' You know, despite potential human rights violations.

Jessica Alba is perfect? Even more so than Marilyn Monroe?

Knightley says focus on the films, not my figure. " 'I'm my worst critic,' she said. 'If you really want me to cut my part to pieces, I absolutely can and I don't want to get to a day when I can't.' " This may sound like the usual celeb false modesty, unless you've listened to her commentary on the first POTC DVD, in which she mocks her own forty different pouts.

De Palma's 'Redacted' stuns Venice. "Halfway between documentary and fiction, 'Redacted' draws on soldiers' home-made war videos, blogs and journals and footage posted on YouTube, reflecting changes in the way the media cover the war. 'In Vietnam, when we saw the images and the sorrow of the people we were traumatizing and killing, we saw the soldiers wounded and brought back in body bags. We see none of that in this war,' De Palma said.... The film's title refers to how, according to De Palma, mainstream American newspapers and television channels are failing to tell the true story of the war by keeping the most graphic images of the conflict away from public opinion."

trailer_spot: Assassination of Jesse James, Michael Clayton, Mist, One Missed Call, 3:10 to Yuma.

Brosnan and Jolie for 'Thomas Crown' Sequel.

Clive Owen Q & A for Shoot 'Em Up.

MPAA Approves Posters with "Testicular Fixation."

From Soapsud: Christian Bale is a lying liar who lies. Hee. "When it comes to the real Christian Bale, he prefers people not have the straight story. He cheerfully admits to lying to the media, peppering his anecdotes with embellishments and inventions to keep himself entertained during repetitive junkets. When asked if there has ever been a good profile written about him, he responds, 'If you're meaning a truthful one, I would never let you know, because I have no desire for people to get their facts right about me.' Will he share a couple of his favorite fabrications about himself? 'That would also be revealing what were the truthful ones.' "

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