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So. I actually got a fairly good scene handwritten today, plus a smidge of work the last two days each. Eh. Then Sister Girl came home from work and, having just discovered that we do get HBO On Demand last night, wanted to watch several episodes of Flight of the Conchords. I don't know if y'all have seen this, but it's basically about two geeky New Zealanders, Jemaine (Jemaine Clement) and Bret (Bret McKenzie, aka Figwit) who have--are?--a band. And their hapless, anal-retentive manager Murray. And their one fan. And an on-again, off-again girlfriend, Sally, who is the subject of two of the best songs in the entire series, IMO: the Prince-inflected "Beautiful" (I'm guessing at titles here) and the Smoove B-esque "Business Time" (warning: not entirely safe for work). I would also recommend the hip-hop mugger song and the mermaid song--the songs remind me a lot of Jonathan Coulton, except dweebier. On purpose. And in a good way.

So very, very much linkspam:

Adventurer Steve Fossett missing.

New Bohemians keyboard player shot to death; Rockers are more likely to die early. Well, yes.

911 prankster made 2,000 calls in 6 months.

Microwave popcorn cited in illness.

Scientists discover ‘skinny’ gene.

Truckers form rolling roadblock, end police chase.

Maine sand castle builders seek record.

Thousands gather to mark Summer of Love.

India embraces superlatives, obsessed with Guinness records.

Britain gets first female Beefeater.

50 years of astronaut culture.

Yahoo Picks: Sarcasm Society.

Hey! People aren't reading books! I know! Let's burn some, that'll make 'em read more!

Lewis apologizes for anti-gay slur. "The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Tuesday denounced comedian Jerry Lewis' use of the word 'fag' on Lewis' annual Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy and called on him to apologize." Wait, how did this come up on a telethon?

Soap star lands lead on ''24'.'

Doctor Who to return for fifth series in 2010. "Viewers are in for a treat this Christmas, as a special episode starring David Tennant and Kylie Minogue will be broadcast on BBC One in December 2007. Series Four, which went into production in July 2007, will hit UK screens in Spring 2008, followed by a special episode for Christmas 2008. In 2009 Doctor Who will return with three specials starring David Tennant, with Head Writer, Russell T Davies. The full-length fifth series will transmit in 2010."

Lingerie maker ties up Maggie Gyllenhaal; Are you buyin' what she's sellin'? ("Me, I'm off to go buy Maggie's 'sweater' so I can look even more like a pissed-off bat than I do already." That said, the photography is great.) More pictures here.

From 'Spidey' to 'Bourne,' a record summer; Hollywood slays the $4 billion barrier this summer.

USAToday headlines fall movie preview article with bad pun.

Division over next-generation DVDs deepening.

Telluride Days 2 & 3: 'Redacted,' 'Into the Wild,' 'The Savages.'

Caspian Designs More Elaborate; Narnia: Prince Caspian Set Visit Part 2.

Golden Compass Toy Pictures.

Visit Stormhold. Yeah, maybe if these ads had been played in the U.S., people might have actually gone to see Stardust.

Bourne action designer Dan Bradley Hired for Bond 22. Oh, sweet.

Dan Radcliffe: Filming on "Half-Blood Prince" Begins in Two Weeks, Wants to Appear in Broadway Staging of "Equus."

Uncensored Beowulf Internet Trailer Hits.

New "Blade Runner" cut is how it should have been.

New Indiana Jones 4 Set Pics.

Review: The Nines.

Nightmarish reviews for Woody's 'Cassandra's Dream.'

The Second 'Saw IV' Blood Drive Poster. Y'all know my feelings about the Saw and Hostel movies, but, on the other hand: blood drives. Maybe I just feel guilty because I can't ever contribute to them (the antidepressants disqualify me, apparently).

'Wonder Emporium' Ad Will Smell Like Cake.

Pitt's Close Confrontation with Crazed Fan (pictures). Oh, crazy lady, you so crazy. Meanwhile, Pitt: 'I do love a gay story': "Answering questions from critics at the Venice Film Festival, where [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford] opened, Pitt appeared temporarily stunned when asked if the tale - a western - was actually a gay drama about the relationship between two men. 'If that's what works for you, it's absolutely fine,' he replied."

(Similar: Colin Firth stalker arrested.)

Joe Wright and Rosamund Pike engaged. Awww! He directed Pride and Prejudice and she was Jane! AWWWW.

Kidman, Black and Leigh Turn Housemates To Perfect Roles; All's 'Fair' in love and work for Kidman.

Walken Plays Birthday Prank on 'Balls of Fury' Castmates.

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