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Monday night, a little sleepy

So, after a great deal of whining about writing, I had an excellent day today (it's either the multivitamin I started taking or a new hypomanic episode, and I'm more than happy to make hay while the sun shines either way). It was mostly research and taking notes at hyperspeed, but it felt good and useful; I kept writing story connections in the margins. Also, last night I made myself type up some of my handwritten manuscript from a couple of weeks ago and set up the current draft in a large three-ring binder. I really am leaning towards all this activity being part of a hypomanic episode, though, because I had that slightly dizzy, feverish feeling after I'd finished working for the day, like it was time to crash. Or maybe there's guarana in my High! Energy! Multivitamin!!1!, who knows.

Oscar winner Jane Wyman dies at 93.

Trial to start for $200 million lawsuit over strip-search hoax. "But McDonald's points the finger at other parties, starting with the caller himself and Walter Wes Nix Jr., who at one point was called to the restaurant to watch Ogborn, then forced her to do calisthenics in the nude and to sodomize him, spanking her when she disobeyed — all at the caller's behest." Oh God, I remember this--the original story was the weirdest thing you've ever heard. The caller basically claimed to be from corporate headquarters and that Ogborn was "suspected" of something (theft?), and demanded that the manager (who I think then passed the torch on to someone else--I almost want to say that she had someone who wasn't even an employee doing it, although I may be hallucinating that) put Ogborn through various humiliations. Even though strip searches are forbidden in the corporate handbook. Even though you'd think, eventually, that common sense would prevail and someone would go, "You know what? This is ridiculous. I'm hanging up now, and if you want to come down here yourself and fire us all, knock yourself out." I mean, yes, they needed their jobs and had to support family members, but there's a point where "Okay, have her do something to you " has GOT to ring some kind of warning bell. It's like one of those psychological experiments, where it's ridiculous that someone's requesting the behavior in the first place, but then the participants meet that request and go overboard.

Oversalted burger leads to charges.

Tribal fishermen held after whale killed with machine gun. Wait, what?

27 Aquatic Lifeforms You Never Caught While Fishing.

I Stay Home K? Mah tummeh hurt.

Alex, a Parrot Who Had a Way With Words, Dies.

Joan Didion, Terry Gross to be honored.

Gaiman Joins Clarion Workshop Faculty.

Justin Timberlake Takes Surprise Emmy Win for "Dick in a Box."

I'm sure everyone's seen The Trainwreck Heard Round the World at this point, but: Britney's comeback performance a bust; Britney's performance joyless, dead-eyed; Behind the VMAs: Britney ripped mercilessly; Britney at the VMAs: Uh, what WAS that? Here's what we're comparing "Gimme More" to, by the way. Forget the singing; she mostly lip-synchs anyway. Don't even bother with the python, because she's just carting it around, and not even for a full minute at that. No, look at the slide she does at 1:18, and how effortless it looks, or the way she smiles at 1:42. That's the Britney people used to dig.

VMA losses spark another Kanye tantrum; Tommy Lee, Kid Rock duke it out at VMAs; John August: MTV, an intervention.

Dina Lohan Responds To Jodie Foster’s Attack On Her Parenting. “Ironically Lindsay’s talent was compared to Jodie Foster’s as a little girl! I don’t know what Jodie dealt with as a young Hollywood actress but I do know if it weren’t for her mother she would not be a successful actress today! I’m sure her mother made many sacrifices for her to be successful.” I'm pretty sure that's the point she was trying to make, DINA.

Jodie Foster explores her dark side, may or may not put a cap in Dina Lohan's ass to avenge poorly-raised starlet.

Rumor Alert: Possible Casting for Young Voldemort in "Half-Blood Prince"; Daniel Radcliffe Speaks with a Forked Tongue (AHHHHH).

More toys: Vehicles of The Golden Compass.

TIFF Review: Reservation Road; TIFF Review: Joy Division; TIFF 07: In the Valley of Elah; TIFF 07: Sleuth; Toronto Film Festival Reviews: Rendition; Toronto Film Festival Reviews: The Assassination of Jesse James, Etc., Etc; TIFF 07: The Assassination of Jesse James, Probably Because This Title Was So Goddamn Long; TIFF 07: Eastern Promises.

Brad Pitt and Ang Lee get booed in Venice.

Naomi Watts on Funny Games and The Birds. Did I just forget that they're remaking The Birds ? Can I be appalled all over again?

MTV Exclusive Clip: ‘Feast of Love’; MTV Exclusive Photo: ‘Beowulf.’

"It’s Official! ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ It Is!" *facepalm*

(Why do I not have a She-Ra icon to go with my Jem icon? This must be rectified.)


Wait, They're Remaking 'Total Recall'? Wait, Minority Report was originally a remake of Total Recall ?

Vampire Slayer to Star in Bousman's 'Repo! The Genetic Opera.'

Jennifer Hudson joins ''SATC'' movie.

Penn and Damon in Van Sant's Harvey Milk Biopic?

Viggo Mortensen in talks for Cormac McCarthy's ''The Road'.' Oh, Christ, I'm actually gonna have to see it now.

Iron Man Teaser Now Online.

Wolverine Prepping for a November Start.

Jessica Alba Ready To Be A Super-Mommy In ‘Fantastic Four 3.’

trailer_spot: Iron Man, Romance & Cigarettes, Sukiyaki Western Django, Atonement; There Will Be Blood, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, National Treasure 2, Cleaner, Transsiberian.

Francis Ford Coppola, a Kid to Watch.

10 Funniest MPAA Rating Reasons (“PG for mild language and brief video images of violence and sexy dancing”).

Affleck & Phoenix Expecting Second Child. It took me way too long to figure out how this was even possible.

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