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Mostly linkspam, to catch up:

Via sualocin: Anne Taintor icons of awesomeness. I have one of Taintor's calendars, and September's illustration is "I love not camping." I very, very rarely use icons I didn't make for myself, but I'm going to have to make off with some of these.

ETA breaking news: Author Robert Jordan dies. His official site/blog is here, but the server's getting hammered.

The Birmingham News' Fall Arts Guide. Of particular note: the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in a couple of weeks.

O.J. Simpson Arrested in Robbery. Oh, you moron.

Robot maker builds artificial boy. But is his love real?

Woman's death raises questions about gene therapy.

Known for Famous Photos, Not All of Them His.

Writer Accused of Faking Interviews.

Hungry bears plague US west after record drought. Stephen Colbert is not going to be happy about this.

The Revenge of the Fighting Quaker.

Emergency room goes self-service. What? --How?

Venezuela seeks soup world record.

Spoken word not enough for dictionary.

I PLAYED YOUR TURN. I KILD YOU, SRY! It's the look on the cat's face that I love.

The truth behind "Hey There Delilah."

Teen death songs will never die ("Some of these are parodies ['All I Have Left is My Johnny's Hubcap'] and some should be ['The Water is Red,' about a shark attack]"). Personal favorite: The Pearl Jam cover of "Last Kiss."

Rachel Zoe Shocks Universe, Proclaims Self More Important Than Anna Wintour.

Kate Winslet Auctions Butt For Charity.

'Real Indiana Jones' dies at 80.

Jodie Foster is the Brave #1 for the Weekend. Whoa, seriously? Rock.

Blanchett's Dylan stirs Oscar buzz.

TIFF Watch: Cronenberg's 'Eastern Promises' is the People's Choice. (' "Well it's obvious,' he said. 'I have to play this naked.' " Viggo's Eastern Promise: More male nudity?)

(Somewhat related: What we didn't get to see in Troy.)

Jeremy Irons Joins Viggo Mortensen And Renee Zellweger in ‘Appaloosa.’

Will Aragorn Return In ‘The Hobbit’? Mortensen Leaves Open The Possibility.

Golden Compass: Animation complete and New York sneak peek.

Exclusive: Geoffrey Rush on Possible Pirates 4. Meanwhile, Eric reports, "Getting out of LAX was a breeze for once, and on our way out of the baggage claim, a man fumbling with his bag and a cigarette asked Dan and I if we had a light. It was Geoffrey Rush! After a whole film festival full of A-list stars staying on a single street in Toronto with zero on-the-fly celebrity sightings, it turns out I shared my flight back to LA with the star of the movie playing on the plane (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End). Unfortunately, as Dan quit smoking six years ago to preserve his health or something gay like that, we could not offer Geoffrey Rush a light. But he smiled at us anyway, and I've totally started smoking in case something like this happens again."

South American Bond Girl In 'Bond 22'?

Alfonso Cuarón's 7-minute book trailer.

D.J. Caruso Wants Shia LaBeouf to Be His 'Y: The Last Man.'

WB and Heyman Adaptating Paddington Bear.

Elizabeth Allen Helming Ramona.

Zwigoff Helms SF Spoof $40,000 Man.

Steven Spielberg's 'The Talisman' is Too Expensive for Primetime.

trailer_spot: Bucket List, Funny Games, Youth Without Youth, I'm Not There, Sleuth.

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