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More from the Black Ribbon reading list...

So... yeah. Don't ever read Sarah Bernhardt's First American Theatrical Tour if you're in the mood for a fun, light read. Here, I can summarize:

Once upon a time, Sarah Bernhardt was a famous French actress, but she was broke, and the Comédie Française was pissing her off, so she decided to put on an American tour in 1880. Woo! Sarah + U.S. 4evah!

When she got there, everyone started making fun of how thin and Jewish and mercenary she was, even though I didn't really see much evidence of any of that (well, I mean, the Jewish, all right. The bridge of her nose was a bit high. Big deal). They drew nasty caricatures and wrote stupid parodies and got all offended that she was an unmarried mother and a demimondaine or whatever, proving that we Americans didn't just put our noses up our asses yesterday, thank you very much. No, it's quite the tradition.

So. In this city they liked her acting but didn't like her socially (Scholar, 335).

In this city, they liked her acting AND they liked her socially (Primary Source, 63).

In this city, they didn't like her acting, but they loved her socially anyway (Dead Guy, 498).

In this city, they didn't like her acting OR like her socially (Scholar, 23).

And in this city, they liked her acting, but they didn't like her socially (Author Quotes Herself, 284).

(Repeat for 75 cities. Also, a giant dead whale exhibit kept following her. The food was bad and the hotels were worse. And in Mobile, Alabama, the set fell on her.)

So, in conclusion: Sarah Bernhardt's tour was a complete and resounding success! She was the most brilliant actress evar! Woo! Sarah + U.S. 4evah!

I don't even feel like talking about Martyrdom of an Empress. It's that bad.

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