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Monday night, sleepy

Not much to report today, except that I'm kind of fatigue-y and out of sorts, which is still better than yesterday, in which I had a persistent urge to punch someone, anyone, in the face.

Meanwhile, my linkspam is all out of whack today, because I feel compelled to lead with the following item: Actor Jim Broadbent: I am Horace Slughorn in the New "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Film. I shrieked aloud when I saw this, because I am that big a nerd. I have been waiting to hear who they'd get for Slughorn for months now, if only because I really, really enjoy the brilliance of the adult casting on these movies (yes, "The Marauder generation is too old," your complaints have been registered). And I'm still waiting to hear about Narcissa in particular, since Naomi Watts has denied that rumor.

(Jim Broadbent also taking over the Denholm Elliott role in the next Indiana Jones? I believe I had heard this before, but apparently it's confirmed now in any case. Also: Is Cate Blanchett An Indy Villain? See, neither of those is all that interesting, but they'd be totally adrift if I posted them later down, and...)

In case you missed my addendum yesterday: Fantasy novel author Robert Jordan dies.

Somehow, I've completely lost interest in the Emmys over the years--maybe because I only follow a couple of shows, maybe because the same actors and shows keep winning over and over (the Oscars at least have a little more turnover), maybe because it's never been that great an awards show in and of itself. So I was surprised this morning to hear that Lost's O'Quinn Finds Emmy (aww, yay!) and that there was still something left for Helen Mirren to win an award for, although I was not surprised that she looked fabulous. (Also: What celebs didn't say onstage; full winners list.)

‘Belsen was a gas’ not a great copy line.

Anna Wintour Cedes Throne To Rachel Zoe, The Worst Person In The World.

Geoffrey Chaucer (Who Hath a Blog) demands that you "STOP YOUR SCLAUNDRES OF BRITNEY!" ("For ich speke of the treuthe. If eny of yow hath a problem with Britney, thou kanst do battle with me, Geoffrey Chaucer. For al beth not wel with her right now. Leave her al oon. Je vous en prie.")

Via Trashionista: What do your favorite writers' rooms look like? "Well, none of these are actually my favorite--ANTONIA FRASER!!!" And then it turned out that I'd actually seen the bit on her before, because it included her preferred nail polish (OPI's Melon of Troy, which makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside, because we use the same brand of nail polish, and--Melon of Troy, y'all).

an dats when i new i wuz not favorite. Awww!

Keira Knightley: 'I'm Twice The Size Of Most Hollywood Actresses.' I love you, but now you're just talking out of your tiny, tiny ass.

Will Martin Freeman Hitch A Ride To ‘The Hobbit’?

Saldana is Uhura.

Heath Ledger on The Joker.

Darren Aronofsky's 'The Fountain' Commentary Now Online! Yes, the exclamation point gets to stay, because I am that excited about it.

Zaillian Adapting Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns.

No 'La Vie En Rose': France Chooses 'Persepolis' for Oscars.

IGN Discovers fantasy film The City of Ember.

Postal Trailer Maintains Uwe Boll Standard.

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