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Friday night, a break from gothic-lit reading

So. Another backlog of linkspam, but what're you gonna do. After struggling all week in front of blank paper (what's that old line? "Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood stand out on your forehead"?), I finally sat down today and decided to write out the story from the POV of three major(ish) characters whose storylines are giving me hives. I think one of the reasons Black Ribbon has become so hard for me is that there are suspense and mystery elements--what's happening? Who's doing it? Those people, what are they doing over there? TUNE IN TOMORROW--and I'm having a hard time sussing out everything that's supposed to be going on. Honestly, it's usually not this hard for me, but then again, I usually don't write things this complex, and I think that it being the first story in the series, given that I work from the big picture down, is part of the problem. I mean, I only wrote a page or two for each person, but it's like, what did she come here to do? What did she expect or hope to happen? And a couple of times I realized, this or that thing could only happen by sheer coincidence, which is total crap. And not even the good kind of narrative coincidence you can use to show the role of fate or whatever. Just sheer, lazy, narrative flab. So I started going through these characters and trying to figure out why they would want to be at this or that place at a certain time, what they were expecting to accomplish. And a lot of good ideas came out of this, is what I'm getting at.

I did go through a couple of days of despair where it seemed like I had this fantastic novel in my head on one hand and then on the other hand I had what I'd actually written, and suddenly I felt as if I was in over my head... really, really deep. I wrote out a basic outline of the story, one sentence per major scene ("Rose Hannah comes home, stranger is there. West goes to work. Rose and Camilla go somewhere that is not totally lame, fix that in revision"). There was one scene I liked, but I couldn't even figure out how the hell it related to the other two scenes around it--it was a rough order, but the logic of the conversation didn't seem to make any sense in context at all. And then I had these sequences in the first half that were kind of like, "Stuff happens, here's some ideas," but I just felt completely at sea. So writing a similar outline from the POV of those three characters helped--to continue an overly involved metaphor, it was a little like building a raft out of some shipwreck debris. I at least felt like I could keep my head up now. There's still some major When and What and Who and How issues, but at least now I don't feel too queasy to even contemplate them.

Also, since I'm in a Halloween mood--the most marvelous sentence in the history of the English, from John Stagg, "The Vampyre," The Minstrel of the North (1810): "It was then asserted, that, in several places, dead persons had been known to leave their graves, and, by night, to revisit the habitations of their friends; whom, by suckosity, they drained of their blood as they slept."

A sampling of my linkspam backlog:

The Bride Buyers: "A controversial Web site purporting to be a place for families to sell their teenage daughters as brides is revealed to be bogus. Wait till you see what the would-be grooms wrote in—and what states actually allow." This is the Marry Our Daughter site, by the way, if you heard about that in the last week or so. Turns out "[Ordover] says he was hired by a group of women from a local support group who'd been married out in similar fashions—and wanted to draw attention to a very real problem."

David Bowie donates to Jena 6 defense fund; Large crowd expected for 'Jena 6' rally in La; Louisiana Protest Echoes the Civil Rights Era (God, this headline makes me so sad); Jena attorney: No link between nooses, beating; 2 arrested in [new] noose incident near Jena; Teen in 'Jena 6' case denied bail.

'God' strikes back at lawsuit, claims immunity.

Students stunned, tired about Taser incident.

'Leave Britney alone' guy hoping for stardom.

Scientists: Velociraptor had feathers.

From particle_person: Myspace, Facebook to mine profiles to produced customized advertising.

Call him cuckoo -- Chavez changes time in Venezuela.

Americans giving up friends, sex for Web life.

A Very Brady Sapphic Awakening.

I’z will takes the ring.

Someone tries to sell Belgium on eBay.

The Chicago Tribune censors Get Fuzzy (hi, David!).

I honestly cannot figure out which one is more hysterical: lolsecretz, a mashup of lolcats and the PostSecret blog, or LOLTHULHU (UR SANITY HAS A FLAVOR).

Jim Macdonald revisits the Betty and Barney Hill case in fascinating, debunkatory detail, and in the comments, Teresa Nielsen Hayden offers the best explanation for alien abduction "memories" that I've heard yet.

Panettiere Threatens To "Kill" Journalist at Emmys

And the winner for Best Named Reality Contestant in the History of Ever is... from Montgomery, Alabama. *facepalm*

"Half-Blood Prince" Filming News: Threat of Strike to Affect Harry Potter Six? In the same article: HBP's cinematographer will be Bruno Delbonnel... who did Across the Universe and, more importantly, Amélie. Okay, now I'm excited.

Review: 'Jesse James' different, terrific.

Brad Pitt Replaces Matt Damon in Aronofsky's 'The Fighter.'

Seven Join The Women. I'm... not really as excited about this as I was before.

Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker Take On ... Sinatra?

Simon Pegg And Nick Frost To Take On America In ‘Paul.’

Wolfgang Petersen Confirms Ender's Game.

Taymor picks the most beautiful films ever.

Superhero Spoof Casting.

'Blades of Glory' Duo to Tackle Childbirth.

007 Gets His Gadgets Back?

Ryan Phillippe and Eva Green to Star in Futuristic Thriller 'Franklyn.'

'House of Wax' Director Gets Medieval on 'Vurdalak.'

Bloggers Choose the 100 Best Non-English Films Ever Made.

Lucas Financing 200 'Star Wars'-related TV Episodes.

Gosling Ready To Tackle Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones.’

Ribisi Joins Cameron's Avatar.

Justice League Goes With George Miller.

trailer_spot: Southland Tales, P.S. I Love You, Counterfeiters, Beowulf, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Control.

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