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I think I'm just gonna go to bed and call it a day

Gah. I had a relentlessly mediocre, fruitless day--the kind of day you can't really call "bad," but where nothing worked out the way it was supposed to. I didn't have the den to myself like I thought I would, I didn't have the borrowed laptop like I thought I would, the dogs wanted in and out even more frequently than usual (to the point where I just propped my book on the back of the recliner and read standing up rather than bother sitting down), and it was hot all day. Not lovely and cool like last week at all--more "mildly stifling." It was the kind of day where I planned on typing up a big scene I was looking forward to and ended up watching three hours of The Pick-Up Artist instead, with chapters of Something Wicked This Way Comes between commercials.

By the way: if you have a broke-ass, unwanted laptop PC with 1) Word and 2) a floppy drive 3) that will run dependably 4) in the neighborhood of, like, $50-100, let me know. All I want is a juiced-up typewriter so I can work downstairs. I don't care about the internet; I don't even care about solitaire. I just want to be able to type downstairs and then transfer what I've done to the computer upstairs at night.

Also, I felt bloated and crampy all day, and now I'm tired and cranky. It was just that kind of day.

Black and white becomes gray in La. town; FBI reviewing anti-Jena 6 Web page.

Marcel Marceau, Renowned Mime, Dies at 84.

'Bewitched, 'Designing Women'' actress Alice Ghostley dies at 81.

US cities' Wi-Fi dreams fading fast.

Glamorous politician wants law to allow 7-year itch.

Man accused of beheading duck at hotel. What?

Retraction: Publisher Denies Brady Lesbian Affair.

Cat at center of BBC vote scandal.


Tod Goldberg has written about his rules for writing workshop classes--he teaches them--and all I can say is, so many idiots take workshops. Trust me, I know, although generally mine were with lovely people. Honestly, I have no idea how I got off scot-free without having to read any 9/11 stories.

'Die Hard' director sentenced to prison.

Eli Roth to Write and Direct 'Heroes: Origins.'

Pics of Ben Mckenzie in "Johnny Got His Gun." It's a movie of the stage version, thank God. I don't ever want to watch anything like the original version ever again.

The Man Who Will Be Slughorn: " '‘I think I might be intelligent but not clever. I didn’t have the A-levels.' He was expelled for drinking, he adds in his monotonal way. 'But only after A-levels. I was told I had to leave immediately after sitting my A-levels, which wasn’t a great hardship. Except I didn’t get to do the leavers’ play.' I’m sure that he has been asked back to his school as the conquering hero many times since. 'No, I haven’t actually. I must be down on the list: Expelled.' " Also: David Yates Talks Army of the Dead for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Film; More on the Inferi and the Cave Scene from "Half-Blood Prince"; More Rooms Available for Harry Potter Cruise.

Ang Lee: Don't expect much from 'Lust, Caution.'

Ten Directors Who Could Make an Even Unsexier Sex Movie Than Quentin Tarantino (the imagined pitch for Oliver Stone's Sex Movie: "It would take place in Vietnam, with a couple of American GIs visiting their friends . . . just going out drinking, committing atrocities, hooking up").

'Kite Runner' actor's family: Cut rape scene.

Shots from Keira Knightley's Duchess of Devonshire movie.

Shots of Brad Pitt reacting to an accident--in character ("Brad was spotted with a (fake) bloody nose Sunday on the set of his new movie Burn After Reading, which is being filmed in New York City. He was seen wearing a bike helmet and screaming expletives").

Shots of Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Max Minghella in Hippie Hippie Shake.

Jane McLean joins 'The Time Traveler's Wife.'

Pop Sensation AJ Michalka Cast In Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones.' I was deeply concerned until I reminded myself that Jackson discovered both Kate Winslet and Orlando Bloom, so he's got to have good casting instincts. Right? Right?

Field is Lincoln's First Lady.

Denzel Boards Pelham Remake.

Caine on Ledger's Joker.

Fantastic Fest Review: Southland Tales.

'Teeth' Finally Gets a Release Date! Vagina dentata: truly, the last horror-movie frontier.

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