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Ah, October: the second awesomest month of the year for the holiday-minded. I got tons of work today, and even sorted out a major plot point that had been giving me frickin' hives. This is what happens when you take a relatively simple story and then expand it with a ton of new scenes while also keeping three subsequent installments in mind, people. I don't know how JK Rowling did it, except that she deserves every penny she got for it.

As for the linkspam, I think I'm just going to move on past the week or so I missed, because the thought of trying to sort through it makes me want to cry. There may be a reduced amount of 'spam for a while, because I'm pretty much going to have to read for research at nights while it's quiet and try to write during the day--I have the borrowed laptop for the entire month of October, huzzah!

Meanwhile, Sister Girl came down with some kind of 24-Hour Hell Flu over the weekend--not a stomach flu, but rather something so bad that she got "freezing cold, except that my head was on fire, and I started crying and Mom didn't know what to do"--and I promptly came down with it twelve hours later, except that I popped two Advil and some Tylenol Sinus, felt like hell for about four hours, and then was mostly fine by midnight. I'm still kind of snurfly today, but again: work getting done, so that was good.

P.S. It's Banned Books Week. You can read some banned books at Also: Most Challenged Books of 21st Century (2000–2005).

Meanwhile, foresthouse is helping to develop a Discworld convention at nadwcon; you can read about her having dinner with Terry Pratchett this weekend here.

Anubis, god of dead, floats down Thames.

Photojournalist Kenji Nagai was killed by a Burmese soldier during anti-government protests. Warning: photographic proof. I mean, it's not graphic, but it may still be upsetting: "The 'stray bullet' explanation was proposed by the government of Myanmar as an explanation for Nagai's death. However video footage obtained by Japanese television appears to show a Burmese soldier shoving Nagai to the ground and shooting him at point-blank range."

Stallone says he saw 'horrific' atrocities in Myanmar.

In sex life of jumping spiders, size matters; 6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes; Why Women Worry So Much. I like to think that these three stories are related.

Two men fight for custody of amputated leg.

My Little Cthulhu!

Hey, look, it's my childhood!

Lost Season-Four Spoilers Leaked. I didn't read it, so DON'T SPOIL ME I can't really tell you what it says.

From Dachelle: A detailed list of changes to The Dark Is Rising The Seeker. Very first sentence: "Arthurian legend does not play a part." Uh. I genuinely want to slap someone on Susan Cooper's behalf, and I haven't even read the series yet.

Rose McGowan is 'Barbarella.' Isn't she actually with Robert Rodriguez? So I'm not really surprised.

James Purefoy Signs as 'Solomon Kane.'

Dakota Blue Richards Nabs Her Second Big Role.

Pullman: ‘Real’ Oxford is Disappearing. "Continuing his campaign to save the Jericho boatyard in the city, Pullman attended a ceremony to rename a protestor’s boat Lyra’s Defiance." Meanwhile, Eva Green and Nicole Kidman in Costume and at Yahoo: Daemon Featurette (aww! Freddie Highmore! HESTER!).

Writer Peter Morgan Working on a Sequel to 'The Queen.' "The film 'will focus on Blair's reaction to the handover of power between Clinton, a natural liberal ally, and Bush, who came from the other end of the political spectrum.' The project will actually be the third in Morgan's series of films about Blair, which began with the Channel 4 telepic The Deal."

Freeman and Banderas to Star in The Code.

Is Tim Burton Directing Remake of 'Frankenweenie' for Disney?

David Lynch Sells Out, Peddles Gucci. "That and I never like seeing something from David Lynch that makes sense on the initial viewing."

Akerman's Watchmen Update.

Biel is NOT Wonder Woman.

Urban Eyes Star Trek?

First Poster for 'The Other Boleyn Girl'... still looks like the book cover from a while back. Which was kind of lame.

Is the World Ready for Lesbian Teenage Werewolves? Lesbian Werewolf Film Not as Exciting as Concept Implies.

Actor David Thewlis to JKR [back in the day]: Put more Lupin in Harry Potter Books.

Report: Bond films' original 'Moneypenny' dies. Aww.

Spielberg Furious After Indiana Jones Plot Is Leaked.

Bono Expects Spider-Man Musical To Set New Standards. There are way too many things going on in that sentence for me to even start.

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