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Monday night, eyes kind of tired

So I expected to knuckle down on Black Ribbon today, now that my notes are typed up, and... well, actually, that did happen, but it didn't look like it at first, because my mother swept home from work at lunch and drafted me into a luncheon-making assembly line. Apparently she's supplying the food for a small informal lunch tomorrow (the university president may be involved?) and she ends up amateur-catering a lot of things at work, so I was put straight to opening cans and stemming two different kinds of grapes (green and blue-black, if you were wondering). By the end of two hours, she had made chicken salad, pimiento cheese spread, pasta salad, two pecan pies, a batch of fresh spaghetti sauce (actually, that was just for dinner) and her famous cold custard banana pudding. I really, really want to say that something else got made, but I cannot for the life of me think what. There will also be fresh fruit.

So after that whirlwind, I settled down and tried to write, and... you know what? I did. It was strange in a very satisfying way--I rearranged several note-chunks and then I just started writing full, actual, narrative sentences (instead of narrative sketchy, as I usually do). They weren't the most amazing sentences ever, I grant you, but I got into a nice, simple storytelling kind of groove, and it was working for me. So that was nice.

Also, skip down to the bottom of this page if you haven't seen my seasonal background already. WooOOooOOoo.

From the previous entry: Project Download--one click, two seconds, a lot of help.


ETA: A teaser for tomorrow night's new Golden Compass trailer. This is the first thing I haven't liked about the movie, but... I'm really not digging Ian McKellen as the new Iorek voice.

Marion Jones Surrenders Olympic Medals.

Mellencamp song about 'Jena Six' upsets mayor.

Vandal Punches Hole in a Monet in Paris.

Adventurer ends 13-year human-powered world trip.

Tiny Galaxy Spotted Halfway Across the Universe.

‘Economan’ admits investor fraud. I love the tiny little superhero illustration.

Japan officials reprimanded for editing Wikipedia at work. " 'The Agriculture Ministry is not in charge of Gundam,' said ministry official Tsutomu Shimomura."

Eatery's 'Naked Lunch' may be banned.

The Squirrel Wars: "The red one is cute. The gray one is taking over. England is going nuts." Man, I want to see that on a movie poster someday.

omgwtfsleddogs! AWWWW.

Jem Warns Kids Of The Dangers Of Lesbians, Lying, And Pill Popping.

ME BID U... VELCOM. Seriously, I keep going back to look at it again because it makes me laugh every time. Also: seasonally appropriate!

But mo-om, all da kidz wear der pantz like dis.

FOX greenlights new J.J. Abrams series. Is Abrams a Sagittarius? Because his whole starting-series-but-not-finishing-them thing is starting to sound a lot like me.

Warner Bros. is either making films for 2008 with female leads after all, or they're backpedaling really, reaaaaally quickly. That, or the bias won't show up until current projects come out in 2009. But at least they know people are pissed now. Also: I kind of wanted a cigarette after reading this.

Walden's Narnia Plans After the Third Pic.

The Golden Compass: Sam Elliott to host trailer-unveiling ceremony tomorrow night. I can only imagine that the trailer will be online shortly thereafter.

New Line Needs Money Softens Jackson Stance.

‘Goonies’ Sequel An ‘Absolute Certainty,’ Says Astin.

Baby's day off: Roger Ebert goes back and reviews Children of Men.

First Images of Maria Bello from 'The Mummy 3.' "When Bello had spoken with Sci Fi Wire in September, she was quoted as saying her Evy, '...has the same name, but she's a very different character than Rachel played. She's a bad-ass action chick. I had to train a lot. I had to do wushu, a martial-art form, some kickboxing, swordfighting, rifle training for a couple of months before we even started shooting.' " You know, it wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't already love Weisz's version of the character. I did notice, however, that hyperlinked character names on IMDB no longer take you to a relevant quotes page, but to a page for the actual character. Awesome. (God, that must have been a lot of work.)

George Lucas Talks ‘Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.'

Neil Gaiman Wants Terry Gilliam to Direct 'Sandman.' "Gilliam is having trouble getting financing for the project; Gaiman said he needs about $70 million, if anybody is interested."

Benicio Del Toro Ready For A Horrific Time As ‘The Wolf Man.’

Coming Soon Exclusive: James Gray on We Own the Night.

Scarlett On-Set: "He's Just Not That Into You."

Is Charlize Theron In 'White Jazz'?

The Killer to be remade?

Pixar's Plans for John Carter of Mars.

Weinsteins Ditch Kevin Smith's 'Red State.'

News Bites: Valentines, Global Warming, and More Hulk Pics.

'EverQuest' Players Tempted to Leave Home by 'EverQuest' Movie.

'Tin Man' Trailer Shows Sci-Fi Really 'Gets' Younger Generation.

Bizarrely Nasty Guardian Piece Says Nicole Kidman Should Retire; Roberts May Join Kidman in Monte Carlo.

Simon West is Next to Direct an Iraq War Movie. This is going to end well, I'm sure.

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