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Work was okay yesterday--I didn't get much done while Sister Girl was home, because she's still on her scary movie kick, and I just have a really hard time concentrating when it's not totally quiet. On the upside, 1) what I wrote wasn't much, but it was a tricky bit of collation from several different versions, so it was worthwhile and 2) we watched The Omen and Carrie. Last week we watched Firestarter (we spent the afternoon clutching our heads and shrieking, "YOU'RE BLIIIIIND!"), The Dead Zone (we need to find a movie where Christopher Walken and William Fichtner can play father and son, stat), Pulse (stylish but kind of meh), and Stay Alive (the only thing worse than watching other people play video games: watching a movie about people watching other people play video games. Bonus points for the Elizabeth Bathory element, though). I'm ashamed to say I had actually never seen any of those movies, despite liking both the Stephen King books in question. Now, The Omen, I really do love, but Carrie, that's another one I hadn't seen. (What can I say--my film education has a lot of weird gaps.) I was really surprised by how arty the blowout at the end was with the split-screen action, but it was very effective. And only Brian De Palma would put the full-frontal nudity right at the front of the movie. There was a part we were a little confused about, though--there's the John Travolta character, and there's the Bitchy Blonde character, and she's, uh... down below the frame and... she's moaning his name? What? "That's how you know you're doing it wrong," said Sister Girl.

(Sister Girl on Amy Irving and William Katt: "There's just too much curl in that relationship.")

Today I got even less done and I was completely alone, for which I have no excuse except that I wanted to do nothing and curl up and lie very, very still (owwwww), but I did get a good chunk of chapter eleven done (yesterday was in chapter seven). A day in which anything gets done is a good day for me, really.

projectdownload addendum: several people have pointed out that MegaUpload will only count downloads from certain countries. Fortunately, the list is fairly long. As for contacting media or government officials in Oregon, Erin's decision is that she would rather not rock the boat:

Right now, Medicaid reform in Oregon is a very volatile issue. I've spoken at several symposiums about my condition and about the road I've traveled to get basic health care, let alone access to specialists. Members of state legislature were at each symposium I've spoken at.

Contacting the media in an attempt to rally more troops to my cause is something I fear will have more negative retribution than positive. I currently receive financial assistance from two major medical groups (OHSU and Providence) and I'm afraid of going on the news and having whatever I say be colored in a negative light to any organization I'm involved with currently. Simply put, I'm afraid if I contact the media, I'll suddenly lose the help I am getting and there's no way I can allow that to happen. It's taken me years to get to a place where I even have an appointment with a surgeon who can help me and if I lose that, I really won't know where to turn.

I know a lot of y'all were really eager to help, and that you might feel disappointed that she doesn't want to try this avenue. My take on this is that it's like gambling: she can take the help she's already managed to get and leave the table, or she can press her luck and play with dice that may or may not be loaded against her. I can't find fault with that logic.

Now, if MegaUpload punks out, I say that's when we call in the cavalry.


Lemony Snicket promotion site The Happy Endings Foundation snookers a number of media outlets. But was the faux-censorship so realistic that it bordered on poor taste?

‘Dexter’ campaign gets away with murder.

Noodly appendage finds home in Baltimore.

Movie Gallery Shares Plummet on Report of Impending Bankruptcy. As someone who used to work there: I can't say I'm surprised. I don't have any specific reason to say so--more like it's karma, I guess. That's for mandating that employees can never sit down, bitches!

Charlize Theron: Sexiest woman alive?

Kevin Smith raves about ''Lost.''

Official Denials: Warner Bros. Reassures Hollywood It Still Loves The Ladies; Is Hollywood no longer in the leading-lady business?

The New I Am Legend Poster.

Two 'Golden Compass' Posters, Two Marketing Strategies. "Second poster's message: 'Hey, check it out! This shit's got crazy big armored bears tearing the shit out of each other! Oh, and it's called The Golden Compass.' It goes without saying, the second is infinitely better."

More exclusives from Cinematical: 'Persepolis' poster; 'Things We Lost in the Fire' Photos.

MTV Exclusive Clip: ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age.’

New Line CEO: ‘‘The Hobbit’ Is In The Future.’

Gondry Gets Animated For New Film.

DiCaprio and Clooney Eyeing Farragut North.

John August loves Michael Clayton.

Universal and Will Ferrell Are Finally Entering 'Land of the Lost.'

Warner Bros. Names Their 'Thundercats' Director.

"More Hogfather caps then you can shake a stick at."

"Pine as Kirk?! Bana is Villain!" Cheese good! FIRE BAAAAAD.

Pine Up for Star Trek & White Jazz. No, I had never heard of Chris Pine before today either.

'Sweeney Todd' Trailer: Is it so bad to be a musical?

Doug Liman's Jumper Trailer Hits.

Tin Man 's O.Z. Site Now Live.

Halcyon Buys Philip K. Dick Works.

Brandon Routh Tackles Another Comic Book Character.

'Dexter' Will be Joining Gerard Butler in 'Game.'

New Marauder's Map, Diagon Alley Map and More from Noble Collection. Also, Lucius Malfoy's Death Eater mask and a really nifty Golden Egg pendant. I don't know if it screams, though. Also: "God Makes an Appearance @ Pride of Britain Awards."

First look: Magical beings breathe life into 'Spiderwick Chronicles.'

A Kinder, Gentler Hitman.

Universal to Tackle Martin Luther King's Assassination.

Antoine Fuqua Directing Escobar.

Spielberg Talks Indy 4, Transformers & Tintin; Objects D'Indy: Crystal-Skull-Crazy George Lucas Considering Giving Them Own Spinoff Franchise.

Cate Blanchett Ready To Re-team With Edgar Wright And Voice Mrs. Fox. "After I finished grilling Blanchett to death for any dirt on 'Indiana Jones,' the actress joked with me about the appearance in the Edgar Wright comedy [Hot Fuzz]. 'My role was really huge and they cut it,' she said. 'It was really about a forensic scientist with terrible facial scarring.' Asked if she’s up for a bigger role in Wright and Pegg’s next flick, she didn’t hesitate: 'They have my number.'"

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