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Friday night, pleasantly chilly

Last night, my parents went out to see Phantom of the Opera (the show. Which I have never seen, by the way), so I was in charge of feeding the dogs for dinner. Scout and Shelby just get dry puppy chow, but Sam gets half a can of something or other every night. I mean, I guess, because half a can (with a reusable plastic lid) was sitting on the counter. I put it in his dish and stood back.

ME: Dinner!

SAM: ...

ME: Dinner! Eat!

SAM: You did it wrong.

ME: What?

SAM: ...

ME: ...

SAM: ...

ME: *microwaves*

SAM: *nom nom nom*

Meanwhile, this week in writing... has not gone so well. It hasn't gone so badly, but it hasn't gone so well, either. Earlier this week I was flush with the idea that finishing the novel would take a lot of work, but it was doable--a happy medium of realism and optimism. And then I started getting moodswingy and panicky again. I've just kept plodding on regardless, but it's kind of discomforting to realize I'm probably going to spend the rest of my life going through this exact process over and over again.


Al Gore, U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change win Nobel Peace Prize.

Doris Lessing wins Nobel Prize for literature, is not impressed. "Doris Lessing pulled up in a black cab where a media horde was waiting Thursday in front of her leafy north London home. Reporters opened the door and told her she had won the Nobel Prize for literature, to which she responded: 'Oh Christ! ... I couldn't care less.' Lessing later said she thought the cameras were there to film a television program. Vegetables peeked out from blue plastic bags she carried out of the cab." I don't know why, but I find this incredibly endearing.

Anthony Bourdain dunks 'evil' Rachael Ray.

The truth about Hunter S. Thompson.

Most Popular Baby Names.

Are you left-brained or right-brained? I see the dancer clockwise, which means I use more of the right side of my brain. Interestingly, two of the right brain functions listed are "big-picture oriented" (which I totally am--you may remember me talking about how I figure out the ending of a story first and then start filling in details) and "spatial perception" (I love games where you have to move tiles to come up with three in a row, and I'm really good at packing suitcases). Also, "math and science"? Not one of the right brain functions. Suddenly, a lot is explained. That said? I'm not left-handed; I'm right-handed. I wonder what I could do to work out the left side of my brain more.

(A related thought: I noticed that I became a much better, faster, and more fluid writer once I had a computer to myself. Why? Because I was able to compose with both hands, rather than just my right, allowing me to even out my brain-side usage. By the same token, it's harder now to write by hand, and not just because it's physically slower. Also, my left hand gets bored.)

Top Ten Tips for Plagiarists. Best line in the comments of the article: "If she writes from the heart, her heart must beat like this: CTRL + C, CTRL + V, CTRL + C, CTRL + V…" Also, at Making Light, the crew is threatened with lawsuits and Wicca. Meanwhile, it turns out that this may have all happened when a wannabe writer was possibly duped by an infamous "agent"/"ghostwriter" who added plagiarized materials to the novel-in-progress she gave him (am I understanding this right?). Comment at that last link that strikes at the heart of it: "All of this, it is perfectly possible to believe - but what I find sad is that this is yet another instance of 'I wanna be a writer but I don't wanna write' syndrome."

More epic shenanigans: The guy who wrote A History of Violence has a friend, and she's e-dating this angsty cowboy/fireman named Jesse Jubilee James, and then he [Jesse James] dies, and then... well, the next thing you know, Harlan Ellison is spearheading an intervention for this girl, let's put it that way.

Pepsi guy loses it, whales on Coke guy.

Twisted Metal: Orlando Bloom Crashes Japanese Economy Car; Orlando Bloom issues statement.

Indiana Jones tops list of most anticipated movies. See, I'm really not looking forward to this, because I'm a little pissed that they'd make another one after the ending that Holy Grail had. How can you possibly be all like, "And now they'll live forever!" and then have them do something else? What could possibly top that? What new ending could you possibly come up with that would not be anticlimactic? Honestly, Cate Blanchett and my mother dragging me kicking and screaming is pretty much the only
reason I would go.

The Golden Compass Ending: Altered. Uh. Huh. Actually, it sounds like what they're trying to avoid is Fellowship of the Ring Syndrome, in which people like my mother left the theater grumbling that the movie "didn't have an ending." TGC actually has a huge cliffhanger ending--which I thought was fantastic, but then, I had the other two books sitting beside me ready to go. So apparently the last three chapters will be moved to The Subtle Knife, which makes me sad because 1) again, it was a fantastic ending and 2) there's already been several shots from those scenes in the previous trailers, and WANT NOWWWWW. (Here's Philip Pullman's response, by the way: "The [movie] ending makes every kind of narrative sense. The National Theatre production ended the first part plumb in the middle of The Subtle Knife, and nobody minded that because in the only terms that mattered it worked brilliantly. Every film has to make changes to the story that the original book tells - not to change the outcome, but to make it fit the dimensions and the medium of film. I’m very happy with the work the filmmakers have done, and no-one wants this film to succeed more, or believes in it more firmly, than I do." Aww, I feel fuzzy.

Also: ‘Golden Compass’ Trailer Leaves Fans Wanting More (christwise, are you in there anywhere?); Rockefeller Trailer Photos; New film stills; Sam Elliott on The Golden Compass.

John August will write and direct an episode of Heroes: Origins.

Harold and Shaun Go to Star Fleet Academy. Simon Pegg for Scotty? Really?

HP & Half-Blood Prince: First pictures of Slughorn's house.

'Bond 22' Plot "Tossed Out"?; Bond's Brazilian Beauties.

Zack Snyder and His '300' Gang Eye 'The Last Photograph.'

Cullen Says to Expect Two More Transformers.

'John Rambo' is Now 'Rambo to Hell and Back.'

HBO Responds to Cinematical's Story About 'Deadwood' Movies.

Del Toro Channels Hobbits for 'Guerilla.'

Tobe Hooper to Direct 'From a Buick 8.'

Frank Langella Joins Cameron Diaz in 'The Box.'

'Southland Tales' UK poster.

Daniel Waters to Adapt Lindsay Moran's CIA Memoir.

Thandie Newton Talks About Joining the Boys on Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla.'

And now I have to decide if I want to try to write more, or just pack it in for the night and start fresh tomorrow. By the way, redscorner mentioned that she's created a Yahoo Group for Project Download if you'd like a daily reminder to click.

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