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Ack! Linkspam overflow!

Random fact: Maybelline's Shine Seduction gloss is fantastic. I got a tube in Spiced Potion, which turns out to be almost the exact same color as my actual lips, only awesome. Great texture, long-lasting, fantastic shine. I'm thinking about getting a second tube, but I'm not sure which color--the garnet, maybe? Hmm.

Great Pumpkin may skip Alabama. Noooooo!

A Roman Icon, Red for a Day: "After an initial burst of anger, intellectuals and art critics have praised a culprit who dyed Rome’s Trevi Fountain." (Picture.)

Plumpynut may save millions of children from malnutrition.

CIA's "terrorist buster" logo.

The Apocalypses That Might Have Been.

Awesome headline of the week: Crash! Bang! Thud! Art?

A Scary Home Companion (from The Smoking Gun); Keillor gets restraining order against fan.

Colbert: "I Am Serious About Politics" ("I don't want to be president. I want to run for president. There's a difference"); Colbert outpolling some actual candidates.

Neil Gaiman talks about Dumbledore outing, agrees that writers know things about characters that doesn't end up in the finished book, promptly gets assy hate mail.

Peanuts creator Schulz led secret life of misery.

Nora Roberts takes Book of the Year prize at Quill Awards.

Weird interruption of Ray Bradbury play.

i luvz u, but dis can nevr be.

Scalped Hannah Montana concert tickets going for $5000.

"You can ask me about my aunt Julia [Roberts] if you want. She bit me once."

Actor's Studio interviewer was once a pimp in Paris. No, seriously.

Hollywood writers' union authorized to strike; California fires disrupt shooting of TV shows.

'Viva Laughlin' canceled by CBS after two episodes. Also known as, "Wow, That Guy Looks a Lot Like Hugh Jackman."

trailer_spot: Sweeney Todd [new], Chrysalis, Never Forever, Stop-Loss, Stephen King's The Mist, Nightmare Before Christmas.

New stills: Atonement, My Blueberry Nights, There Will Be Blood, The Golden Compass.

Snopes takes on the issue of atheism/anti-religion...ism... in The Golden Compass. Apparently the Religious Right have already started complaining; my grandmother was already upset about the movie two full months in advance. Snopes does neglect to mention "the Republic of Heaven," though, which I feel is a strong argument against the idea that Philip Pullman personally wants to destroy your God and your church and he's coming for your children THIS CHRISTMAS, no matter what he says in interviews.

Gosling too fat for Lovely Bones ? He's now be replaced by Mark Wahlberg, who does, after all, seem a better fit age-wise for the girl's father, damn. More than the fat issue or the "creative differences," this really seems like the Stuart Townsend situation all over again, right down to the age problem and the replacement actor's short notice.

Scorsese and DiCaprio Teaming on Shutter Island Next Year. It's a Dennis Lehane novel that apparently has a humdinger of a twist that may or may not cause you to throw the book across the room, and my soul craves knowledge of it now.

Patrick Doyle Discusses Help From Potter Stars During Battle Against Leukemia; J.K. Rowling on Dumbledore Revelation: "I'm Not Kidding"; best magazine cover mockup EVER; Dumbledore pride tees; J.K. Rowling On The Death of [Spoiler].

Grazer Calls Scott’s ‘Nottingham’ The ‘Gladiator’ of Robin Hood Movies.

I still want to be Cate Blanchett when I grow up.

More set pics from Keira Knightley's The Duchess, for my fellow costumehounds.

James McAvoy To Play Kurt Cobain In New Movie?

A movie about Houdini? Huh.

Eric at LA Boy reviews Dan in Real Life.

H.I.M. Chosen for Next Bond Song?

Retro Cinema: Interview with the Vampire. STOP MAKING ME FEEL LIKE I'M EIGHTY!

Dirt Bag: Nicole Kidman Being Paid To Get Chubby for The Reader.

Harold and Kumar 2 - New Poster Released. Doogie on a unicorn what?

Clooney drops out of ''White Jazz.''

The Barbarella Fiasco: Robert Rodriguez vs Universal; Rodriguez Speaks Out on 'Barbarella' Kerfuffle.

Nolan and Roven on The Dark Knight; Some 'Dark Knight' Treats for Halloween?

Sweeney Todd Soundtrack Cover People know what the public wants.

Anthony Hopkins To Play Hitchcock And He’s Got The Voice Ready; Confirmed: Anthony Hopkins In For ‘The Wolf Man’ to play Benicio Del Toro's father.
Martin Campbell Directing 'The Birds' Remake.

New I Am Legend and Rambo Trailers.

First Pics of Jet Li in 'Mummy 3'! I'm really not sure the pictures deserve an exclamation point, quite honestly.

Nick Cassavetes Might Direct Captain America?

Angelina Jolie (with John Malkovich) on the set of The Changeling, which actually looks pretty interesting--it seems to be both a thriller and a period piece.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers offers viewing tips on 'August Rush.'

Child's Play Remake in the Works.

Friedberg & Seltzer Want You to 'Meet the Spartans' -- Please Refuse.

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