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Remember, remember, the fifth of November!

God, I'm exhausted. I wrote 2700 words on Black Ribbon today--like, actual plot-moving words--and wrote more about the Lexicon thing as well. (The new entry has a breakdown of the previous three [!], so I highly suggest a skim of that. Key phrases for today: "Why didn't you read the book we didn't send you?" and "Vast international smear campaign.") And I desk-danced to Belinda Carlisle all day, because I'm just that lame.

Also, people figured out how to make swoopy fancy rainbow text.

I was going to do a more in-depth roundup of some of the comments that came in yesterday, but, again: exhausted, so I'm simply going to direct you to two topics: Philip Pullman was quoted out of context on the "LOTR is trivial" issue (and not coming off the way he does in person), and why donating hair to Locks of Love doesn't really help anyone (and what you can do instead).


Attention heroes: Colbert drops presidential bid; Colbert Vows to Fight On, Once He's Done Crying.

Copperfield Secret Document -- How to Pick Up Chicks.

Happy Birthday, Ryan and Bryan Adams! "I notice that today (Nov. 5) is the birthday of both Ryan Adams (left), who turns 33, and Bryan Adams (right), who turns 48. That must make Ryan furious."

'A Million Little Pieces' refund claimed by only 1,700.

How Not To Get Your Book Published.

Lord of the Rings origami.

Get ready for reruns: Writers on picket lines; Celebs join Hollywood writers on picket lines; Jon Stewart Reportedly Offering Two-Week Strike Fund To His Picketing Staff (or not?); How will you cope if the strike drags on?

Tim Kring has left Heroes over the strike? "Apparently the network was making him remove storylines that could not be wrapped up in the existing episodes that are now being finished. This caused wholesale rewrites of three episodes over the past week and weekend. And on the lot where 'Heroes' shoots, there was an incident at the picket line where a PA working on another show ran over the foot of one of the picketers [this one?]."

Also, dduane points out that media outlets may not be the most reliable sources for news on the writers striking against them.

Guardian Writer Wants Daniel Craig to Quit Bond. Mom? Is that you?

'Batman' no match for Hong Kong's pollution; Heath Ledger on The Joker; A new Joker doll at Tonner. It's not Heath Ledger, but it ain't bad.

''Juno'' makes ex-stripper an A-lister.

Anthony Hopkins On Flying In The ‘Slipstream,’ Going ‘Psycho’ And Why New Age Hippies Don’t Make Sense; Anthony Hopkins Talks About Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Man, the blonde starlets are going to be lining up for the old-time movie-star roles in this one.

Neil Gaiman shuffles along on the Beowulf junket. "I think my favourite bit was the way Ray Winstone, answering questions, always refers to me and Roger Avary as 'The Boys,' as if we're a couple of writing hardcases who will come over to your house and beat you up with our typewriters." Hopkins, meanwhile, "is always one room behind," and Angelina Jolie handles personal questions from reporters "with grace and aplomb."

Gyllenhaal and Biel Get Nailed.

Christensen to Star in Beast of Bataan.

Sony to Release Peter Jackson's District 9.

I wish could be sleeps tiem now.

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