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Monday night; I've felt better

Hmm. So I reread over the Radcliffe ball chapter--conquered that little bit of terror--and... it wasn't quite what I remembered. Or rather, I remembered all of it; I just thought there was more to it that I wasn't remembering. But no, that was it. I remembered it being really long and draggy, also, but it actually seemed to be missing a large chunk of ball-related activities. Like, there's a lot of build-up, and they talk about things they will do, and then... you don't really see them do those things. I'm not even sure that's a problem, because the talking about the doing of things is actually there for an entirely separate reason, and I have a bunch of new material to work in anyway. It was just sort of an interesting thing to realize.

evilbearhunter wants you to think outside the [water] bottle. ETA: TAKE DISCUSSION OF THIS TOPIC ELSEWHERE.

More on the strike:

Writers Strike Update: Writer-Made Videos and Blogs, Explaining the Strike; Studios state their side of labor dispute in ads.

Writers take kids to picket lines.

Should the Screenwriters Blame the Stars?

TV blogs going dark tomorrow in solidarity.

Perez Hilton is a douche. Some more. Again.

Chaucer the Holy-Wood Scabbe.

Experts: Reality TV is unscripted — mostly.

Broadway stagehands reaffirm their own strike.

More news:

U.N.: Ignoring global warming is "criminally irresponsible."

US intelligence honcho channels Orwell, redefines privacy.

Armitage 'foolish' to leak CIA agent's name.

Mailer and the Murderer.

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald still an intriguing mystery.

Is Dilbert's Scott Adams Is The Worst Boss In the World?

mai fanteseez r elaborate and filthy.

Harry Potter: HBP sneak peek. ETA: Seems to have been removed. If you see a Quidditch uniforms/orphanage clip out there, that's the one. ETA 2: Try this.

The Golden Compass: A Response from Chris Weitz to Atlantic Monthly. Also, the FAO Golden Compass Range: Plush daemons!

First look at Zachary Quinto as Spock; 'Star Trek XI' Update: Chris Hemsworth to Play Kirk's Dad & Jennifer Morrison Is In. ETA: Harlan Ellison pissed? Note: The reason he's pissed may be a general-premise spoiler, vague as it might be.

MTV Exclusive Clip: ‘Beowulf.’

New pics from Mummy 3.

Frank Darabont Expects Fight Over ‘Indy IV’ Writing Credits.

Branagh And Cruise Target Hitler For ‘Valkyrie.’ Entertainment Weekly: "Tom Cruise's 'Valkyrie' looks kinda awful." Also: Tom Cruise’s disappointing weekend.

'Major Movie Star' Trailer as Bad as Expected.

'Transformers 2' Update: Michael Bay vs. The Internet.

Mickey Rourke Replaces Nic Cage in 'The Wrestler,' is still kinda scary-looking.

Which Foreign Films Got the Oscar Snub this Year.

Winstone Plans to Join ‘Minutemen,’ Looks Forward To Nick Cave’s ‘Death.’

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