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I need... coolness and... hydration

Why is the air conditioning not working again? WHYYY?

In other news, wrote 1700 words today on a chapter that really, really needed it. Good times. Still not up to any kind of chapter-a-day standard, though. Also, implemented the new all-in-one Hunger Site button.

A slight antidote to that terrible MySpace story: "This is only tangentially related to Shitty Adults Doing Shitty Things, but since people like stories about my mom...", aka The Time My Mother Made Those Two Teachers Cry.


From ;dduane: A Five-Year-Old Explains The Writers' Strike To You. Also: Scabby TV Writers Outed By Fake Craigslist Ad!

No charges for 10-year-old fire starter.

Iran hands IAEA nuclear blueprints. Initially I read this as "IKEA" and was terrified.

Diamond-covered Christmas tree on sale in Japan.

The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time.

Heather Mills' Insane Publicist Hits Internet, Goes On Attack. "I love how even the dog seems to be questioning this strategy to get the public on Heather Mills' side."

Steampunk iPod skin, with bonus Boing Boing steampunk links at the end. (Yes, I did see the steampunk laptop that so many people emailed me the link to.)

Oprah picks Ken Follett thriller for book club.

Matt Damon is 2007’s ‘sexiest man alive.’

Who's the Entertainer of the Year? Vote!

‘Golden Compass’ Director Chris Weitz Answers Your Questions: Part I; Golden Compass TV Spots Galore.

Rumor: Viggo Mortensen is Stallone's Edgar Allan Poe. I understand one word in that entire sentence, that word being "is."

Chatwin, Marsters Join 'Dragonball.'

Ludacris and Zoe Bell Join Gerard Butler's 'Game.'

'Made of Honor' Poster is So McDreamy.

Darabont Mulls 451 Remake; King Says He's Mellowed.

LaBute Will Write a Redo of 'The Woman Next Door'; Taylor Hackford, Mr. Helen Mirren, will direct.

Marcus Nispel Gets Ready to Kill Kids at Crystal Lake.

Forget About Seeing More Alex Rider on the Screen. "The film was completed, there was a trailer, Nintendo marketing, and star Alex Pettyfer even dropped out of school.... Stormbreaker only brought in $24 million worldwide, and the Weinsteins decided to not let it loose across the US. [Author Anthony] Horowitz recently told Reuters: 'Harvey Weinstein decided not to distribute it (in the United States). It is one of the most bizarre and annoying things that the film didn't get its shot in America. To this day, I don't know why.' "

Christian Bale: "I like going to hell and back."

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