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Thursday evening, productive

Just a very few things tonight, since I'm working overtime on Black Ribbon:

Bootleg audio from a screening of Sweeney Todd footage: Johnny Depp singing "Johanna." ETA: Moar!

The new Other Boleyn Girl trailer.

Blurry bootleg of the new Cloverfield trailer coming out tomorrow; monster may or may not be visible. It'll run in front of Beowulf and will probably go online in an official capacity sometime tomorrow.

From rorqual: "One Laptop Per Child is a program designed around producing tough, simple, and cheap laptops for poor children worldwide (and I have to say the design of these things is awesome)."

From eyetosky: "A South Dakota domestic abuse shelter has been hijacked and utterly destroyed... Pretty Bird Woman House is looking to come back stronger than ever with a new facility, but they're only at 18% of their goal, with time running out until the Jan 31st deadline."

When I get a chance to write a full entry: tales of hillbilly murderosity.

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