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Project Download update

An update on redscorner, regarding Project Download: I was about to unleash some mighty ventation, but fortunately she updated to say that the Wish Upon a Hero thing was all a misunderstanding, and that they may actually be able to help coordinate some resources for her. Meanwhile, the project has been linked by both Neil Gaiman ("I was impressed enough with Erin's FAQs that I'm happy to put this up") and Randy Milholland of Something Positive. She's been writing about her seizures, loss of functionality in her hands, and general radiation after-effects with total fortitude, and (but?) is currently at something like 120,000 downloads/points. She needs to reach 5 million. I am not happy about this. Mostly I'm not happy because I know it can be done--if thousands of people will flock to YouTube to watch Crazy Drama-Llama Guy shriek about Leaving Britney Alone, then it stands to reason that, given the proper enticement, you could mobilize thousands of people to click just about anything. So now I'm thinking about the proper enticement.

I'm working on Black Ribbon at the moment with an eye towards December 14, so I'm afraid to set that aside and do something like a new Movies in Fifteen Minutes--for some reason, I've just felt so burnt out on M15M that I haven't written any in a while. That isn't actually unusual--I think I only posted one online in 2005 and maybe two in 2006. It's one of those things where you can't push it; it either happens or it doesn't. But the obvious solution, for my contribution, would be to do Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets--a Harry Potter piece would hit the widest audience, and it's the one that got skipped over. I'm still holding OOTP in reserve in case (somehow!) I manage to write that second book I've been trying to get off the ground for two years (see previous observation about pushing). The idea here would be to post a Word document to Erin's MegaUpload account, link it on m15m, and hope people pass the link around, and maybe even continue to click Erin's link daily once they've been made aware of it--to reach people who normally wouldn't hear about it and give them the proper enticement. If any other writers or artists would be willing to do something like this on their own journals, please let me know. I just feel that we need to reach more people (hence something like a M15M that would filter out to people) and/or give people a reason to keep clicking day after day--small, dailyish content uploads to MegaUpload, although I'm not sure that with Black Ribbon, I can manage that. It would be super-nifty to upload a short-short story each day in the vein of the Bell Donner story, but... again: I'm already committed to a deadline I'm not sure I can make anyway. (ETA: Voice posts, recordings or readings would also be an option.) But I think that it works in theory--and that it would take more than just me doing it, for sure.

In the meantime, I've also submitted a link to Boing Boing to see if they would mention Project Download. I don't have the intestinal fortitude to try Fark, but if someone else does, go ahead.

Note: I don't want to post any downloads involving material I do not hold the copyright to, like screencaps, icons or graphics, so as not to give MegaUpload any reason to renege on their offer. I mean, they could do that anyway, but if they do, it's not going to be because I opened the door for them.

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