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Tuesday night... something

Was not as productive today, but still got good work done on chapter 7. I realized that it breaks down into two long dialogues, two short...ish dialogues, and two non-dialogue (uh... mostly) scenes. Too much dialogue? I don't know... I find that I'm prone to writing really long talky-only scenes when given free rein. I guess I'll deal with editing that down after the Mostly Final Draft (Before Polish) is finished. I just really like revealing things through dialogue, for some reason. Maybe I'm a frustrated playwright.

stepliana needs your help: "Would you mind throwing a link to a poll I have in my journal in somewhere in your next linkspam? It's about regional differences in the 'Miss Suzie/Lucy/Mary had a steamboat' song, I want to see if the lyrics you learn to the song are due to where you grow up, or if it's something else."

MOAR CLOVERFIELD: A Cloverfield fan blog does a more in-depth trailer analysis, revealing that... the surprise party has been reshot. Huh. Also, you get a good comparison shot of the old Statue of Liberty head and the new one. Meanwhile, More Cloverfield Promotional Photos; 'Cloverfield' Monster Still Undecipherable in Slow Motion; Slusho Meets Heroes.

Also, I showed the trailer to my mother (who loves 1) monsters and 2) disaster movies), and she made me run the trailer back and forward and in slo-mo like a dozen times. MOO HA HA.

(You know, after watching the Lizzy Caplan/Hazmat sequence over again, I really think that's her [character's] chest opening out like a book, rather than some kind of swelling. Also, listen to the ripping sounds. Eeeeeeh. And I hate that this piece of "production art" has been debunked, because last night when I first saw it, I went from "What? That? No!" to "Omg... it's a... with... omg" in about five seconds and kind of fell in love with it. I mean, as much as you can fall in love with a... well, go look at it. I won't even describe it, on the off chance that it magically is a spoiler.)

Linkspam--a little jumbled, but I'm apparently going power-shopping at seven tomorrow morning, so I've got to get on with a few things:

Taylor: Writers won't picket AIDS benefit.

Since the family's name has come out through various sources: the Megan Meier foosball table police report, wherein the other family explains (with a surprising lack of foresight) what happened, from The Smoking Gun.

Anne Frank’s chestnut tree wins reprieve.

Rogue cell phone has 911 on redial.

Squirrels briefly kill power in 2 cities.

Diamond reveals ‘Sweet Caroline’ inspiration.

Facebook Unveils Ad Strategy. In which users proclaim themselves fans of various products. You know what? I'm actually okay with this. The fact is, we have to have advertising unless we want to pay for free services ourselves. And I'd rather see personal recommendations than random, obnoxious ads. Really, it's not all that different from when I post here and go, "Y'all! I just tried this lip gloss today and it is FANTASTIC." You know, use the ad thing sparingly, but if there's something you're really crazy about--the example they give is of "someone renting Ratatouille and rating it highly"--aren't you likely to recommend it to people in casual conversation anyway? So why not use that to help keep a service you like free? Meanwhile: Facebook drops "is" from status reports.

Social Networking Sites May Foster Same Old Divisions.

POW editions of Monopoly from WWII included escape kits.

Dangers of WoW: 1960's anti-booze comic remixed.

Sesame Street DVD reissues intended for adults only.

Diane Duane officially guesting at the first North American Discworld convention.

Sotheby's to Display Copy of "Beedle the Bard" Here in US.

Heath Ledger is Rainbow Bright.

Sienna Miller Recruited for G.I. Joe. Wow. And I thought Tom Cruise as Hugh Hefner was a bizarre piece of casting...

Tim Burton Says ‘Lay Off!’ When It Comes To His ‘Batman’ Films. I loved them! ESPECIALLY the second one! What is wrong with people?

Meyers Told Magazine His Drinking Days Were Over. Uh... oops?

Two Johnny Depp Films Put on Hold. He totally looks like The Continental in that picture, by the way. He is, like, thisclose to offering you some cham-pan-yuh.

Cate Blanchett’s most memorable films.

Jack Nicholson fanboys January Jones.

Naomi Watts Joins Tom Hanks in 'Angels & Demons'?

'Spiderwick Chronicles' Trailer Will Terrify Children.

John Singleton to Direct 'Executive Order: Six.' Five bucks says they take out that colon by the time it hits theaters.

Holden Open To X-Files Return.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Red Band Trailer.

Is 'Wolverine' Delayed? Is 'Justice League' a Lock?

Zeta-Jones Drops 'Nine,' Katie Holmes Heartbroken After Being Rejected.

Ellis Returns for Final Destination 4.

'Zodiac' Director David Fincher On How To Make On-Set Friends And Influence Actor-People.

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