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Well, /iss...

So. Uh. My keyboard is kind of dying. Last night one of the keys got stuck, and today the colon doesn't work. (The semi-colon works just fine, so the key's not stuck, which is just baffling.) So of course my /referred (guess which letter doesn't work!) keyboard, the Microsoft Internet Keyboard, isn't in /roduction anymore and I have to /ick out a new one. Which I have; I just have to wait for it to come in from Amazon, because everything chea/ was /icked over due to Black Friday, and the only other o/tions were hella ex/ensive wireless monstrosities. Oh, and my mouse was on its last nonexistent legs anyway, so a new one of those is coming in, too. I can't decide if I want to bother trying to lim/ through a links/am entry this way, or try to forage someone else's castoff keyboard, or wait, or... what. But, you know, that's where I am.

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