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Monday night

I am so tired, and not from working. I ran into a persistent human distraction today and got nothing done. Three pages of blah-blah-blah I can't hear my own thoughts so I'll just repeat vague ideas over and over. I felt so thwarted I want to cry, and in fact felt like that for about three hours. Apparently my time and my aspirations mean nothing, but at least I'm aware of this now and can plan accordingly. And cry.

Also, this kind of sums up my life right now.

John Scalzi also working on deadline now, scaling back blog appropriately.

WGA strike coming to an end? (Actually, I'm hearing that this is an unfounded rumor.) Writers, studios resume talks today; Celebs star in online spots to support strike; Joss Whedon on the strike, again; Sandra Oh Speaks At WGA Rally.

FEMA not the only agency to misrepresent.

Pageant pepper spray prank being probed.

No, there is not going to be a pay-only MySpace 2.

Wonder Woman Gets a New Voice, and It’s Female.

Blake Lewis is ready to catch your panties. What? It made me laugh.

Joaquin Phoenix on the ABCs of vomiting.

Guerrilla clockmakers fix famous Paris clock.

Getting Things the Fuck Done with Henry Rollins. "Henry is a guy who gets things the fuck done. He sings, he writes, he acts, he tours, he hosts TV shows, he goes to war zones, he lifts very heavy things… In fact he NEVER FUCKING STOPS. If there’s ever a Romero style undead uprising then the Rollins zombie will be easy to spot. He’ll be the one making like a Zack Snyder deadite while the rest of us lumber around the wrong way on the escalators.... If your comic mojo outweighs your punk mojo this also works with a picture of Warren Ellis."

'Bad sex' authors list announced. Aww, poor David Thewlis. I'm rooting for the Christopher Rush entry all the way, for what it's worth.

Marge Simpson, "Content Burglar." (Watch Alan Moore's Simpsons appearance. While we're here: Douglas Wolk looks at Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier.)

Journeyman to end?

Does 'Enchanted' Drop An F-Bomb?

I can't remember if I posted these: more Golden Compass stills (omg, I just noticed what Sam Elliott is holding) and suparrrrr hi-res character banners. Also: Daniel Craig Says 'Compass' Not Anti-Religious; The Sun's positive review ('a well-written, beautifully delivered adventure').

Daniel Craig Talks 'Bond 22.' I think this links to something I linked yesterday, but I actually stopped to read the writeup today, and saw this: "As for Craig's controversial mention of adding Roger Moore-style 'humor' to the new Bond, Craig insists he was 'lying.' " 1) Now my mother really hates him. 2) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sweeney Todd: London press day for Depp, Burton, Carter, & Rickman. Also, I spent most of the day watching the Food Network against my will and we saw a trailer for the movie. For Sweeney Todd. On the Food Network.

Dobby’s Voice Weighs In On Character’s Fate

'The Dark Knight' Update: New Joker Pic (Slowly) Arrives!; Your Map to the Gotham City Subway!; 'The Dark Knight' Has Eight Useless Webpages.

Keira Knightley and James McAvoy: Ask 'Atonement' Stars a Question.

Watchmen's New York Backlot Photos. The Gunga Diner!

Crowe Approached for State of Play in the wake of Brad Pitt's exit.

Lauren Ambrose Replaces Michelle Williams in 'Wild Things.'

'Avatar' Alien is Sexy, Day-Glow.

Alison Lohman’s Got Game.

Natalie Portman Says ‘No Thanks’ To More ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Professional.’

Pirates 3 DVD Treasure-Laden.

Hitman poster leaves little to the imagination.

New Whiteout Poster Online. And it's a lot more awesome than the Hapless Snow Bunny poster.

Coppola's Youth Without Youth Trailer.

trailer_spot: In Bruges, Juno, CJ7, Youth Without Youth, Garage.

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