Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Tuesday. Blarg

Okay, so I was having a pretty good day--beautiful weather, blueberry muffins, peace and quiet, 4000 words--and then Scout stood up on his hind legs and got lovingly clawy, as he does, but this time he actually cracked my mp3 player (hanging around my neck) open--lengthwise down the casing, so far open that the battery and the volume buttons fell out from the inside--and shredded the headphones I was wearing before I could stop him. I nearly cried, because it's just been that kind of week and I guess I'm already tense anyway. I managed to fix the mp3 player after half an hour of cursing at it, but the headphones are dead. Sadly, they were 90% dead already and I was going to replace them--they're wonderfully cheap--but now they're just useless, whereas they used to be my last defense against family distraction. Also, his claws kind of hurt. So that kind of ruined my day. And I expect potential interpersonal conflict tomorrow, so that could suck as well.


Writers and producers resume talks ("but thanks to a media blackout, neither side gave any comment"); Striking Hollywood writers to continue talks; Strike may test reality TV’s staying power; Carson Daly show plans to defy writers strike; AMPTP To Unleash Secret Weapon At Renewed Contract Talks [Robot Scabs].

Broadway stagehands to restart talks; Broadway talks to resume Wednesday morning.

Was Beauty Queen Martyr Miss Puerto Rico Lying?

Mailer wins Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

Web site ranks stupid holiday gifts.

Bam! Food Network cancels ‘Emeril Live.’

zombie kiteh want brainz.

Amy Sedaris in Dolly Parton's new video.

"Tom Cruise is set to star in a special episode of hit British TV show 'Doctor Who'."

Abrams' Fringe Gets Helmer.

Beauty talk with Amy Adams; Disney's newest princess; Dance Floor Drama for 'Enchanted.'

World Premiere Arrivals (second entry); Press reviews pour in; God is Dead, Unless It’s Time to Sell a Movie ("The studio behind 'The Golden Compass' can't get the author of the book to keep quiet about God"--speaking of which, Pullman hits back at critics. Can't we all just play nicely and have a good time at the movies?); New interview with Eva Green (in which she chooses a daemon for herself); Roundtable: Chris Weitz; Weitz Explains Compass Changes; the Tonner Mrs. Coulter doll now has its own golden monkey daemon.

ETA: The New Line publicity site has updated with tons o' new images.

Rickman, Bonham Carter Talk "Harry Potter" and "Sweeney Todd"; A League of their Own: Quidditch and US Colleges.

New Sweeney Todd Featurette; 9 new 'Sweeney Todd' clips. Note: I'm going mostly adaptation-spoiler-free on this one, so I haven't watched them.

Empire Joker pic revealed early.

Mathieu Amalric Neither Denies Nor Confirms 'Bond 22' Villain Possibilities.

New Indiana Jones Images Surface.

The Truth is out there: X-Philes Sound Off on ‘X-Files.’

Mark Ruffalo Joins Scorsese's 'Shutter Island.'

Tons of 'P.S. I Love You' Pictures Hit the Net.

'I'm Not There' Leads Spirit Award Noms.

Jesus & His Evil Twin Brother.

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