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It was a bad day. Really bad. On the upside, it's Qdoba night (we've fallen into the habit of getting takeout on Wednesdays while my stepfather goes to practice with the church... orchestra, I guess?), and I've developed a ridiculous weekly jones for their tomato jalapeño salsa, preferably on a chicken quesadilla.


Child's Play charity update (second entry).

clareybeary18 needs your help with a Little Mermaid on Broadway singing contest.

TV Decoder: Status of the Writers’ Strike; Scenes From a Horror Writers Strike; Democratic Debate Canceled Over Strike; A little strike isn't going to stop Hollywood from expressing itself.

(Attn fantasy writers: Dragon Magazine Wants to Own Your Ass, Cheap. Attn all writers: HarperCollins Author Assistant: Publisher Marketing Done Right; The Writers' Workshop resources.)

Man with $1M bill busted at bank; Honest man returns mistaken $2M check.

Google’s Next Frontier: Renewable Energy.

More Teens Victimized by Cyber-Bullies. This might better be stated as, "The bullies we already had figure out that the internet is really convenient for being an asshole."

Humanoid robot teaches dentists to feel people's pain.

Auction for human skin-bound book. NARRRRRGHHHH.

James Frey Is A 'Rockstar Vampire' On Facebook [Identity Is A Construct].

Cracking the Code of the Zombie. Note: Not about what you'd think.

'Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer' singer is sued.

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival Line-Up.

Since I added this as a late-breaking ETA yesterday: Two pages of suparrrr hi-res images, many new, from New Line. Also: The Golden Compass - Eleven New Clips (note: not watching them, still saving myself for the movie); Alethiometer feature; The Guardian Gives 'Golden Compass' Four Stars; The Golden Compass Premiere Afterparty; Red carpet photos; CBBC red carpet interviews; More press in; ‘Golden Compass’ Director Chris Weitz Answers Your Questions: Part III. Also, duncanatrix notes that there are large anti-GC groups popping up on Facebook; awanderingbard and viorica8957 both mention Ontario-based attempts to ban the books.

New Sweeney Todd pics; from alliemolloy, the Sweeney Todd official site is up.

Cast added to 'The Lodger' remake.

"Half-Blood Prince" Filming Updates with Emma Watson, Alan Rickman News; "I thought [Dumbledore] was asexual, like God" (oh, Luna. Evanna Lynch also reveals, with complete sangfroid at the Golden Compass premiere, that she would probably rather date Daniel Radcliffe than Daniel Craig because Radcakes is actually "more my age and more my height." I'm telling you, it's like they grew her on a farm for the express purpose of playing Luna).

Prince Caspian Trailer Has Been Seen.

Joker Continues Planting Meticulously Choreographed Clues; ‘Dark Knight’ secrets slowly come to light.

Fanboy Bites: 'Spider-Man 4,' 'Punisher: War Zone' and 'Eagle Eye.'

Futurama DVD Film Is Epic; Review: 'Futurama' movie not quite brilliant.

Walk Hard's Hilarious For Your Consideration Ads.

trailer_spot: Orphanage, Sweeney Todd, Other Boleyn Girl, Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, Eye, Youth Without Youth.

Matthew Perry to Play Zac Efron in 17.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Joe Namath in Universal Pic.

Laura Linney on ''Savages.''

Seth Rogen Speaks About 'Green Hornet.'

What's next after Knocked Up & Superbad?

Selling Animated Chipmunks To The TRL Generation. I saw a commercial for that today and--let's just put it this way, I am vexed that it comes out on my birthday. That shit is wrong. As is Alvin trying to help Jason Lee get laid.

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