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Thursday night, breakfast for dinner

God, I just feel tired and wonky. Maybe I needed to detox a little from all the crazy MUST WRITE FASTER 3000 WORDS IS NOT ENOUGH jag of the last couple of weeks. I ended up spending the afternoon on the couch wrapped in a giant knit blanket, which was decadent-lazy but really nice. Of course I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, but what can you do. I have something smaller I'd like to finish anyway.

(Since the projectdownload comm seems to be friends-locked now: Erin had been having radiation-induced seizures, and her friends posted yesterday that one of them finally caused memory damage. As in, she can't remember the last year and a half, some of her friends, or Project Download itself.)


Why Venezuelans Turned on Chavez.

I call shenanigans on the latest installment of the Megan Meier case: either Lawyer: Woman unaware of cruel messages or Megan Had It Coming blogger outs self as Lori Drew, "explains" herself. Either she knew or she didn't, y'all.

Writers, studios return to negotiations to eye Web payments; Walk Of Fame Zorro Sees Opportunity In Writers Strike.

MTV Memo Barely Mentioned Drastic Benefits Changes.

U.K. Court Rules Springer "Opera" Not Blasphemous.

Gibson unveils self-tuning guitar.

Swedish boy outthinks angry moose with Warcraft skillz.

Lost Deaths Necessary.

'No Country for Old Men' Named Best Picture by National Board of Review; The Oscar race has begun!; No Oscar front-runner as awards season begins.

Compass' Elliott Sweet-Talked; Catholic Bishops Give Thumbs Up to 'Compass' (!); Ebert: ‘Compass’ Takes Fantasy World In Right Direction (four stars); The Golden Compass opens big in the UK; A Whole Lot Of Monkey Business In ‘Golden Compass’ (okay, that scene [I won't give it away] really is super creepy in the movie, but they quote Pullman as saying he came up with it, which I find fascinating. Nicole Kidman: "I thought it was clever. It shows that she’s struggling with herself, that she’s confused, for the first time in her life"); Green Bewitches In Compass; Navigating The Golden Compass (Dakota Blue Richards: "Personally, I don't think it's necessary to be the same with the actor as with the character, because you work with people who really are lovely people, who play people that you hate, and I mean, you don't want to go around - what's the point in kind of estranging yourself from people who are nice people, just for the sake of the character?" Bless her for having common sense. Also, Sam Elliott and Philip Pullman are apparently BFF now); Interviews: Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig.

trailer_spot: Golden Compass opening & clips, Oxford Murders, Accidental Husband, 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Persepolis. Note about the first five minutes of GC: The beginning of the movie was probably my least favorite part. I mean, the Eva Green voiceover is fairly well done in terms of introducing the Lyraverse to newcomers, but the frolicking outside Oxford didn't do much for me. Don't judge the movie by the opening, is what I'm saying.

Exclusive Video: Johnny Depp Sings In ‘Sweeney Todd’; 3 Sweeney Todd clips on official MySpace; Charting the blood flow in Sweeney Todd.

Will Depp Become Dillinger?

Dark Knight Prologue Previewed; 'The Dark Knight' Poster; The Dark Knight's Viral Marketing Gets Very Real - Cakes, Cell Phones and All! ("If you can believe it, the Joker now has real, live people recruited to his army sitting with a phone awaiting his call")

'Cloverfield' Marketing Gets Weirder; Cloverfield 's Running Time, Slusho! Commercial; MySpace Update - Rob, Beth, and Lily (and guess what movie they're going to see?).

"Lord of the Rings" Tops "Harry Potter" in New Book to Film Poll; MTV Picks Top Ten List of Wizard Rock Bands.

Keira Knightley Says No to 'Pirates 4.'

Dizzying first look at Speed Racer. Wow, that's Christina Ricci?

EXCLUSIVE: 'Juno's' Ellen Page and Diablo Cody Discuss Their Favorite All-Time Movies.

Ray Park is GI Joe's Snake Eyes.

Hilary Swank Grows Fangs.

Xzibit, Peet and Connolly Join X Files 2.

Michelle Williams to Play DiCaprio's Wife in Scorsese's 'Shutter Island.'

Indiana Jones IV Writer Speaks: ‘You’ve Just Got To Hope To God You Don’t Screw Up.’

McLovin and Others Join Apatow's 'Year One'; McLovin is Back in Biblical Times!

FIRST LOOK: 'Sex and the City' Trailer.

Dawson and Harrelson Join Will Smith in Seven Pounds.

Playing Kurt Cobain Not Nirvana For James McAvoy, Actor Says Rumors Are False.

Wanted Moved Back to the Summer.

Documentary Directors Adapting Freakonomics.

Surveillance cameras bring new ‘Look’ to film.

New Line Cinema Has Chemistry for Beginners.

Tim Roth Teases Surprising Look In ‘Hulk.’

New 'Iron Man' Photo Reveals Dollar Store Armor.

R-Rated 'Harold and Kumar 2' Trailer Surprisingly Funny, Mutant-Filled.

More 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Anger Fuel.

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