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Sunday night, bleh

So... I was hoping December would be better than November, but so far it's sucking out loud and in color. I should probably shut up and count my blessings, since nothing really terrible has actually happened. It's just a lot of disappointments so far--a sense of which shoe might drop next.

GreatestJournal has dropped icon capacity from 1000 to... 10. Re: rumors that GJ might fold entirely: How to back up a journal. (Aww, she's using one of my icons.)

More linkspam:

Writers’ Talks Collapse Amid Acrimony; Idled Hollywood workers urge more talks.

SFWA Followup: Andrew Burt steps down from controversial committee position.

Natalee Holloway suspect to be freed; Lawyer for Natalee Holloway's parents expects no prosecution of trio. So... that was an exercise in renewed pointlessness, is what you're saying.

"Dead" man hid in family home for three years; Wife of 'Canoe Man' arrested.

Germany moves to ban Scientology.

1279 Magna Carta may fetch $30 million.

Yahoo Picks: The National UFO Reporting Center.

Knut, the cute polar bear, turns 1.

Monkey Crime Wave Continues!

A Christmas tree or a Holiday tree?

Steampunk gift guide.

New old-school Batman and Harley Quinn dolls from Tonner.

Lost Answers Offered.

'Golden Compass' points to top of box office, yet 'The Golden Compass' Crashes and Burns -- Is Bob Shaye Finished?; EW cover story: 'Golden Compass': What's God Got To Do With It? "Some Christians thought Philip Pullman's novel was blasphemous. But now some of the author's fans may think the film adaptation's not provocative enough. Inside the book's long, perilous road to the screen." I love the cover, by the way. Also: ‘Golden Compass’ Director Chris Weitz Answers Your Questions: Part IV.

L.A. Film Critics pick 'There Will Be Blood'; NYFCO (New York Film Critics Online) Loves Blood; National Board of Review goes with 'No Country for Old Men' (Best Director: Tim Burton!); 'Walk to Beautiful' Beats 'Sicko' at Documentary Awards; Beowulf Eligible For Animation Oscar.

trailer_spot: Inkheart, Jumper, Taken, Penelope, Smiley Face.

Simon Pegg's 'How to Lose Friends & Alienate People' Trailer.

Sound Off: Speed Racer Trailer - Is It Really That Bad?

CineLive Debuts New Dark Knight, Iron Man Pics.

Morgan and Butler Talk Watchmen.

Gerard Butler to Play 'Wolverine' Baddie?

New synopsis for Parker and Stone's "kid-friendly" movie.

What Would ‘Potter’ Have Been Like With Tim Roth As Snape?

‘Cloverfield’ ad only confuses people more.

"I'm Not There" Stills from cate_weekly.

Hybrid Blanchett-Britney Monster Unleashed.

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson to Fight Bride Wars.'s Lee Jackson sees Sweeney Todd preview, likes it.

Interview: James McAvoy, Star of 'Atonement'; Inside ''Atonement''; The past agrees with Keira Knightley.

M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Happening' Gets a Poster.

Aaand now I'm going to go curl up with a book.

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