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Monday morning, overwhelmed by linkspam

Oh my God, I meant to post this last week and then... things happened: there's a new HP e-zine, Cauldrons and Chocolate Frogs, and I did an interview with them a few weeks ago. I haven't read over the posted interview, but a quick glance makes me think it's fairly close to the original IM transcript, so, you know, very little chance of anything I said being taken out of context. If I managed to make an ass out of myself anyway, you know, let me know. (Man, it was fun to pretend like I was actually someone famous enough to interview!)

All right, let's see if this Cloverfield footage widget works on LJ:

(If you hit "Grab this," you can get the code to put it on your own journal or blog. It's a clip from the beginning of the movie, going all the way from "Let's go to the roof!" through the Statue of Liberty and the glimpse of the monster to "I saw it! It's alive!")

Dan Fogelberg dies of cancer at 56.

Clemens among stars named in Mitchell Report. "In one of the darkest days in baseball history, Mitchell's 20-month steroid investigation revealed that baseball largely ignored a severe drug problem and that at least one player from every team in the game used steroids or human growth hormone, including some of the biggest names in the game." Steroid Report Depicts a 2-Player Domino Effect; Andy Pettitte Says He Used Growth Hormone Twice; Top 5 Baseball Players Who Didn't Benefit From Steroids Usage; Public greets Mitchell Report with shrug.

If there's a more tasteless headline than this one, I don't want to know about it.

Kasparov won't run for Russian president.

Icelandic teenage caller tricks White House.

Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000.

Captain Kidd Ship Found.

Murdoch: WGA Wants "Socialist System"; Writers guild files labor complaint against studios; Writers Guild Awards go on despite strike; Katherine Heigl Refuses to Attend Golden Globes; Letterman Pursuing a Deal With Writers; More WGA Strike news; Get Your Writers Strike Swag!

Casanova rocker banned from stage.

This is a holiday snowglobe, and you are an angry god.

Zurich Journal: The World Is Flat, and Chocolatiers Want to Coat It.

Celine Dion, She Went On and On. This really made me laugh for some reason.

Ten Minutes of 'Extras' Series Finale Online.

Lost Moving Timeslots?; Lost Finds Thursdays In January.

The Golden Globe Nominations; Magnificent seven: Golden Globes dramatic field gets crowded.

TIME Magazine's Top Ten of 2007.

Smith's 'Legend' grows with $76.5M debut; Box Office Report: ''I Am Legend'' sets record. Buys Beedle the Bard for $3.98 Million; Amazon Posts First Review of Beedle the Bard Tales by JK Rowling; Amazon Posts Second Synopsis from "Tales of Beedle the Bard"; "The Warlock's Hairy Heart" Review Online from "Beedle the Bard"; Behold the Tale of Babbity Rabbity!

First HBP still; JK Rowling Interviewed on The Leaky Cauldron's Podcast; Newsweek Names "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Best Book of the Year; Twilight fans up in arms that Cedric Diggory is not hot enough to play their sparkly emo vampire. 1) No, literally sparkly. 2) WHAT?

Official Narnia Site Relaunched.

More Dark Knight posters (scroll down to bottom of page); celli is totally in the new Dark Knight trailer.

trailer_spot: The Dark Knight; Leatherheads, The List, Chromophobia, Virgin Territory, Harold & Kumar 2; Mamma Mia, Snow Angels, Horton Hears a Who, Aliens vs Predator 2, Cloverfield, Sweeney Todd; 10,000 BC, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Sweeney Todd, Possession, Young @ Heart, Inkheart.

Must Watch: Snow Angels Trailer with Kate Beckinsale.

Fanboy Bites: Cloverfield roundup (I believe the director's interview linked in there reveals that the line really was "It's alive," not "It's a lion!"); ‘Star Trek’ Trailer Boldly Goes To ‘Cloverfield’ Audiences; Cloverfield Confidentiality Agreement ("The recipient should not at any time look in the sky, see a lion, and exclaim that it is huge").

Paramount trying to bully Sweeney Todd theaters into giving up larger percent of ticket sales?

Has Daniel Craig Revealed 'Bond 22' Title?

'T2' skeleton brings in nearly $500,000.

Serkis, Peter Jackson to team up again for 'Tintin.'

'Valkyrie' Release Date Pushed Back to October, 2008.

Witherspoon and Vaughn Don't Make a Happy Couple?; Spacek and Steenburgen Join 'Four Christmases.'

Emily Blunt to Play the Wolf Man's Girlfriend? Did I ever mention that I suddenly realized one day that Emily Blunt played Camaro Camane on Empire ? Trufax.

Rennie and Godley Join X Files 2; X-Files 2 Visit Auctioned.

New 10,000 B.C. Poster and Pic.

'Charlie Bartlett' Poster.

Emmy Rossum Joins Dragon Ball Z. Well now... that is not a headline I ever expected to see.

Singleton Confirmed for The A-Team.

Will John McTiernan Direct the New 'Conan'?

New 'Groundhog Day' DVD Coming ... with Deleted Scenes!

Technology Retroactively Ruins 'Lost in Translation'; The Supposed 'Lost in Translation' Spoiler.

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